An Africa of mercy



It is interesting that the women of many tribes in Central Africa actually enlarged their breasts using the fruits of certain trees, like the tree called Moushabelele. This is an ancient African art helped the women when fleeing from war, while having to carry a baby on her back. She could stop in a hiding place and suckle the baby by simply taking her breast and throwing it over her shoulder. One of the holiest things that black mothers could do in the time of war, was to breast feed other women’s children, becoming a wet-nurses to these children. It was said that there should never be any orphans from war. It was a temporary form of adoption so that children are never deprived of a mother’s love in times of war. In Africa the breast is the Belele, which means breast or mercy. This was an Africa of mercy where a child belonged to the community.
Dr Credo Mutwa
Excerpt from my book Returning to Myself