‘The present chaotic state of the world is humanity’s opportunity to reclaim its power and free itself from the draconian systems that serve only to defile the world.’
Linda Smith

‘The unconscious, like dangling puppets, mindlessly dance to the tunes played on the devil’s fiddle.’
Linda Smith

‘Evil is a separate race of beings that parasite off humanity. The weak, (often found in positions of power), have allowed themselves to become totally consumed by evil.’
Linda Smith

‘While authorities and businesses are investigating various methods of sustainability, they’d do well to ponder on the un-sustainability of corruption.’
Linda Smith

‘Speak out against the unspeakable. Every time an evil is named, it is weakened.’
Linda Smith

DEFENCEAct of defending or protecting, a guarding against attack or harm. Armed forces are responsible for the defence of a country.
This does not mean crossing borders and shooting the shit out of other people, all at the expense of the tax-payer.
We have a right to know exactly WHY our soldiers are in C.A.R, even if the President thinks it is not our business.
Being a soldier is not a noble profession. Soldiers are merely pawns in a deadly game of chess.
The word soldier contain the words SOLD and DIE, revealing its true meaning.