‘The first part of the book was very interesting, especially for somebody like me who was not in Africa in those days and have some idea what happened but not in detail.
Messages in the last part are so powerful, after reading it, I felt as I’ve just taken some strong stimulant. Great work, I will go back to last chapters whenever I need a boost.’
Dr. Zoran Radojevic, Johannesburg, South Africa

‘Just finished reading your book, didn’t want to finish it because I didn’t want it to end, what a great read, sometimes it felt like it was written just for me . I’m holding my breath till the next book. I hope it’s on the way, absolutely loved it, thank you one million times.’
Terry Meredith. Uganda

‘Just a short note to applaud your work and bravery in exposing the insufferable evil going on in SA right now….’
Dr P Gabrielides

This is one of the most enjoyable and informative books I have read in a long time. The descriptions of life in the Rhodesias are an excellent portrayal of an era gone by and the consequences of bad decisions made by power hungry leaders. This story would make a marvellous film.
Linda has the courage of her convictions and has stated things the way they are, and not been afraid of what others may think. We need more people to stand up with her, as I am sure that what is written here rings true in most people’s lives. May this be the bridge that others will cross to find answers in their own lives.
The discussions on religion and even our beliefs, the appeals to save the planet, and most of all the need to help others in need are all essential chapters in the book and need to be read very diligently.’
Pat Duncan. Durban, South Africa

‘Thank you so much for a wonderful trip down memory lane.  I thoroughly enjoyed your book, for the lovely memories and for the thought-provoking ideals that are part of your life and beliefs now.
It was good to think of Roland Britten, John Harker, Donald Stander (a good friend of my sister’s), Nigel Jackson (blonde haired, brown-eyed Adonis), Bill Cook, who had to leave in a hurry and also, to think again of the needless demise of Lilian Burton and her dog.  I remember my mother being so upset by those events.  I remember, too, my mother catering for the refugees from the Congo.  We used to have regular sporting clashes with the people of Jadotville.  Mr Glautier, the leader of the Union Menier company in the Congo was one of the unfortunate negotiators to be hanged by the rebels ‘as an example to the rest of the white population.’  He was a personal friend of ours and one of life’s characters.
It was superb to be reminded of the 8 and 12 mile rivers.  We used to cycle out to those areas in large groups and enjoy the freedom of so doing.  I remember swimming in the Kafue River, shooting the rapids, while my cousin, Vernon Godden stayed at a point to rein us in before we were caught up in the whirlpool.  My other cousin, Neville Coetzee, put the occasional shot into the water, to scare the crocodiles!
So many memories – many of them waiting to re-surface.  Thank you for the trigger.’
Althea Rannie

Re – Political Journalism – ‘I’m surprised you’re still standing!  You have courage to write so honestly about those in the driving seat, so to speak.’
Althea Rannie

‘Your book arrived last weekend and I just wanted to let you know I am THOUROUGLY enjoying it!  I am on Chapter 4.  I remember where Quorn Avenue was.  I bet we know a lot of the same people.  We had a trampoline just like yours (except ours was above ground), how’s that for safety?  I also have a sister ‘Jennifer Mills’ who danced with Saddlers Wells.  Maybe you remember her from dance lessons.  You are bringing so many wonderful memories back to me, it’s like we lived the same life.  I used to ride my bike to the convent and I loved going down that hill in the morning and yes, it was quite a task getting home.  We lived on Jomo Kenyatta.  My dad worked on the mine, his name was Bernard Mills.   Thanks, again for such a wonderful trip down memory lane.  I am going to recommend this book to everyone!’
Siobhan O’Connell (formerly Mills)

‘This note is so long overdue and I have written to you in my mind so many times – especially whilst reading your book ‘Returning to Myself’.
We have both thoroughly enjoyed it, for so many reasons.  The chapter on and forever hold close to our hearts.
So much of what you have written I/we relate to most closely and just loved recalling all those special times.  How very privileged we all were, but never really realised it at the time.  Just look at it now? Just know that they will simply LOVE your book. I commend you for all the history and research and wealth of information you have packed into the chapters.  It’s a book we could read over and over as is holds such depth.’
Anne and Keith Werner

‘This book is an incredibly gripping read. What a life and what a remarkable account of the horrific and extraordinary history of Central Africa. Tragic and heroic. Many people will relate to your observations and recommendations. Women are remarkably tough and enduring creatures and still rise to creative expression and more giving.’
Erica Clark. Durban, South Africa

‘I relived the fascinating adventures of our childhoods. This book reveals the consciousness which we all know is true within our hearts.’

‘Am reading your book again and am enjoying it even more second time round!!’
Wendy Pedersen

‘I am amazed by the clarity of your thoughts and the insights you gained whilst writing.
Felix Kuchling, Namibia

‘Linda, I have read your book over and over, it speaks to my heart :)’
Liz Charles Van Rensburg

‘Madam Linda, you write like a goddess.’
Dr Credo Mutwa,Sanusi (oldest form of traditional healer and uplifter), Sangoma (healer), Inyanga (diviner or priest). South Africa

‘Busy reading your book I’m on page 157 in the book and in my life!  Can’t wait to get home and sink my teeth into it every night.  Thank you for being you!’
Vivienne Leigh Visser

‘Just to say that it is an amazing and compelling read and i could not put it down. Some of your quotes are breath-taking and perhaps, a suggestion, a selected few be somehow collected and placed at the end of your next work. ‘How people treat others becomes their epitaph forever cast in stone.’ Man, I have never heard this truth so well expressed (it has an important bearing on my life and I am sure affects everyone else). So, this note is one of gratitude that your words have brought to the surface issues that one tends to suppress as we find no other ‘open’ statements to correspond our thoughts with.’
Roland Borea, Durban. South Africa

‘I loved your book Returning to Myself. Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom with the world.’
Tania Naude, South Africa

‘Your book brought back so many fond memories; it has renewed a long lost pastime. You actually penned word for word my own feelings, thoughts, and memories. Congratulations on a book well penned, and thanks for the memories.’
Ted Stuckie, Zambia

‘My wife was so touched by the passion with which you have written the book and she decided to read it before me, she enjoyed the chapter on God has no Religion.’
Gilbert Mukuka, Zambia
My note of Facebook: – Today is a very special day. Although I have not been able to return to Mufulira myself yet, my book is now there, at the heart of where it all started. It is not in the hands of one of us reading it as a trip down memory lane, but in the hands of a Zambian who did not enjoy the life we lived. He and his wife are absolutely enthralled with it, especially the passion with which it is written. I must admit I was near tears. It is a very special day indeed.
Linda Smith
‘My Wife and I feel so humbled and delighted by this gesture and cannot find words to express our appreciation. We shall remain grateful forever.’
Gilbert Mukuka, Zambia

‘How delightful that your book should bring so much appreciation to a man who was never able to enjoy the same soaring happiness that we all did.’
Mark Lloyd. NR/Z Television

‘I admire much of what you say enormously… Unfortunately, I cannot always share your good nature and optimism. What you say is very true, although I fear I shall be compost before the benefits you hope for, and no doubt work for, come true here in Africa.
Mark Lloyd. NR/Z Television

‘I too was born and bred in Southern Rhodesia on a tobacco farm and have many experiences of ‘Africa’. You relate the romance and the earthiness of that story. That is priceless. Good on you.’
Robert Grantley Smith. Bournemouth. United Kingdom

‘I really enjoyed your book and recommend it to all the Muf crowd who have so far found me on facebook. Reading the book transported me back in time and I can exactly see the places you describe. What a magical up bringing we all had.’
Donella Travers

‘Thanks so much I read your book and loved it.  The first book I have ever read with names that I can relate to. Well done.’
Sally d’Elboux, South Africa

‘Great stuff – never want to miss anything of yours.’
Jenny Becker

‘This book taught me so many things that there is not enough room on this wall to even scratch the surface… Linda Smith…  THANK YOU!’
Sally Lewitt, Parys, South Africa

‘I am contacting you on email rather than Facebook-I am quite distressed about some of the negative comments made by people who in my opinion are moving through life with blinkers on. May I go on record to state that I have total and absolute admiration and respect for you and for David Icke as regards the books written and in your case your journalistic abilities.
There are a lot of us around either covertly or lower profile who are putting positive energies into the planet and assisting it’s healing and transition.’
Rolf Rompelman, New Zealand.

‘Love your work. Thank you.’
John Souglides Ph.D

‘One of the best and most truthful books I’ve ever read. A must read!!!’
Kerry John Callaghan

‘I applaud your courage to write with such honesty; to tell your story the way it happened.’
Clem Halsen. Durban, South Africa

‘I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I have always been charmed with the Africa of your childhood, and it was a delight to read about this through your experiences. I enjoyed all of your insights, and in particularly how you applied them toward the changes and the tragedies that have occurred in many African nations.
While I was reading your book, I was also pondering about the map of consciousness as there were so many similarities between your stories, and your insights and the levels that are described. And of course, as you summed up only an increase in consciousness, vibration or awareness can help many of the situations that confront Africa today. May you be allowed to experience this in your lifetime!
Thank you once again for sharing your story and your insights. I had watched an interview with you that was on the David Icke website, and knew I wanted to read your book. I admire David Icke greatly. Our world needs men and women who have courage like he has.’
Marjorie Hill

‘Your excerpt could well have been me remembering my early childhood in the late 50’s in Northern Rhodesia and such phrases as ‘only we who have lived and breathed the heaven that was the Rhodesias will ever understand …’ sums up that whole warm feeling we had in those day.’
Kim and Sue Fraser

‘I thoroughly enjoyed your book. It was like reading my own life story.’
Lyn Van Niekerk (ex Mufulira). Johannesburg, South Africa

‘This book could bring peace to Africa.’
Lindy Hurst. Durban, South Africa

I really enjoyed your book and was most impressed with the detail and familiarity of what I remember of Muf. Paddy, Durban, South Africa

‘Your book is absolutely fantastic.’
Val Parkins (ex Mufulira). Durban, South Africa

‘Thank you so much for writing your story. You certainly have had a full and varied life!
What I enjoyed so much was that you have the courage of your convictions and have stated things as they are, and not been afraid of what others may think. Well done! We need more people to stand up with you and I am sure what you say rings true in most people’s lives.
What really got me was the phrase ‘spirit aligns with quality’. Wow, that blew my top off. Congratulations. May this be the bridge that others will cross to find answers in their own life.’
Valerie Jackson. Durban, South Africa

‘I love your writing. Very strong, very direct. Please tell me your news and if there is another book on the way.’
Jeremy Ball, Australia

‘Congratulations!!! What a wonderful achievement you’ve written – I can’t wait to read more of your book. It’s not often that I feel so drawn to a book but really felt that I really wanted it!!!
So, keep up your writing. I’m so thrilled for you.’
Dawn Stander. Durban, South Africa

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your excerpt, and sense a profound deep spirituality in your words. My own beliefs are continuously evolving. For me, I know that I ebb and flow as part of something mysterious, magical, awe inspiring and incomprehensible to my small mind. I believe our purpose is to seek, that which we have forgotten, and in remembering, we may become one again. Life is awesome. Mankind, in general, has lost its way. We need to focus less on desire and greed, and more on meaning. Most of all, we need to stop, and keep stopping, and appreciate the natural wonder of our planet and all who live on it. Perfectly created.  A joy to behold. I remember your picture of Vic Falls you posted a few months ago. Of all the posts I read, that picture had far more beauty and meaning on its own! I’m happy that you are happy, and I have had that moment of realisation you describe, and continue to yearn to keep it!’
Gary Jones

‘What a pleasure it was to meet you, a kindred Soul. May the Universe bestow much upon you, to aid your journey in the Earth School.  Lovely Website and fond memories rekindled for all who walked the same Earth you did in your childhood.’
Robert and Cathy Wolff