My Poetry

Swirling shades of crimson,
liquid indigo and periwinkle
delight my vision,
feed my spirit
and nurture my hankering soul.

 While I danced
I breathed myself
into the core of my being.
and after all these years,
I am me again.

Years of processing my deeper issues
has healed the wounds embedded by life’s traumas.
I am freed from the programming imposed on me;
that stole my choice and enslaved me to a system.
I am freed from the puppeteer’s strings
and all the puppet’s attempts to suppress
and destroy my indomitable spirit.
I am freed from those, who,
having no essential energy,
snatched mine,
and like vampires gorged themselves.

 But I am stronger,
Like a Phoenix I have risen from the ashes.|
Fear is no longer part of my consciousness
and my energy is mine alone.

 After all these years,
a life time,
I am me again.
 Linda Smith

Undoing all that was done to me
Unlearning all I had learned
Deleting all I was programmed to be
Breaking the spells cast upon me
I rose above the little expected of me
To soar like an eagle
To become all that I can be
Linda Smith

On this Earth we are
but guests on a brief sojourn
Let us not make our presence undesirable
Let us not manipulate
Or become entangled in materialism
Or possessions
Let us live before our life is over
Let us not limit ourselves to our humanness
But remember to vastness of our Soul
For to not use our life wisely
Is to do ourselves a great disservice
Linda Smith

Defiant bird of prey
envied for its freedom,
crowned for its supremacy,
swoops in majestic silence
over the Earth’s vast panorama.

Scanning the waters with unflinching eye
and with audacious courage
plummets with effortless fury
to snatch up an unsuspecting meal.
Linda Smith

Shimmering colours explode in the night sky
n their brief moments of glory
hey twinkle and glitter,
alter, and fall.
Linda Smith

My mind and heart walk separate paths.
My mind and body are here with me,
but my heart lingers in the land of my memories.
Linda Smith


All our lives,
a voice within
has been whispering to us,
calling our name,
sometimes gently,
often compellingly,
imploring us to awaken. 

For while we sleep
we are in danger from unseen enemies
lurking and conniving
in the shadows. 

We have been giving our power away,
wondering around in aimless circles,
going nowhere.
Wearing ourselves out
expending our energy

Still, the voice urges us
to awaken from our slumber,
appealing to us
to remember who we are,
to take our power back,
Stand up for ourselves,
And live authentically.
Linda Smith

There is not one situation or condition on which we can rely.
Doors open, doors close,
and then other doors open again. 

Circumstances change,
Sometimes in the blink of an eye.
Nothing is stable,
Everything shifts.

Situations are manipulated.
We know not what predators lurk round the next corner,
Fortunately, they soon show their true colours. 

The end of a road,
Is the beginning of another.
When we heed the voice of our heart,
Everything works out perfectly,
And the rainbows we follow
lead us to pots of gold.
Linda Smith

I awoke early this morning,
the birds beckoning the pre-dawn sun
to rise from her slumber
that the world may enjoy another day
of warmth, happiness and laughter,
a day of kindness,
of caring,
and loving.
Linda Smith

The swallows swooped low
as they snatched pickings
off the early morning tarmac.

The sun had not yet peeped over the horizon
nor had the city begun to stir,
but it was light that morning
when I took her to the bus stop. 

The life she had endured had taught her the importance
of being a good person.
Sad for those tortured by their own demons,
our conversation centred on understanding and empathy.
Though our suffering was on the opposite ends of the spectrum,
together we had healed, and our hearts were soothed. 

She was a breath of fresh air in my life,
for the short time we were together.
We had strolled along the beach,
shopped and did girl things,
we laughed and joked and acted silly. 

My heart was sad as I hugged her.
Watching the bus depart
I was filled with joy
knowing that she is walking like a soldier
to her new life,
never to look back.
Linda Smith

With bagpipes sounding the chilling call,
we commemorated the passing of our men
sacrificed in Rhodesia’s Bush War. 

The Almighty we praised,
in words of song our voices we raised.
With tears in our eyes,
our wreaths we laid.

We gave thanks for the lives of the fallen,
and as The Last Post was sounded,
the spirits of our dearly departed,
rustled the leaves in the breezeless trees.
Linda Smith  11.11.2011 SAS Memorial, Flame Lily Park, Malvern, Durban

Pondering the youth’s slothful attire
sunburned face, cap protected neck,
waistline worn crudely below the hips,
chequered underwear rebelliously displayed,
backside weakened into near non-existence,
caricatured posture revealing a dumbed-out state of mind,
one senses the disappointment of forefathers,
who dressed properly and walked up straight.
Linda Smith

Greed tricks the mind.
It distorts the image
that peers in the mirror.
Greed blinds its victim,
shutting out the light,
preventing it from grasping the truth.
Greed leads humanity astray,
bestowing upon the greedy
loss and ruin.
Linda Smith

Last evening the air was warm with the smell of Africa.
The bougainvillea and hibiscus were lush in bloom,
a magnificent display of reds and scarlet,
the sun setting on a copper horizon. 

Birds were chattering in the trees,
sharing their news,
while settling down to nest for the night.
With flying ants in abundance
the swallows were swooping,
and driving for their dinner. 

And I am grateful to be here,
to be a witness to Nature’s splendour.
Linda Smith

On misty and lonely hills

the remnants of once abundant crop production
pitiful in their neglect
now entwined with weeds,
serve as a reminder of political irresponsibility.

Uncompensated farm seizures,
business takeovers,
corrupt governance,
lavish self-indulgence
stupid in its brutality and arrogance,
mindless rampant youth
bring ignorant nations to their starving knees.

When are we, the citizens of Africa,
magnificent continent of abundant sunshine,
with great strength of manpower
going to realise that together
we are able to keep the wheels of industry turning,

to feed ourselves with plenty to share and spare?
Linda Smith

like dewdrops
prisms reflecting rainbow colours
of beads strung together
threaded through life’s experiences
bond us together.
Linda Smith


Your verbal attack
reveals your secret assault on me.
Third party manipulation
influences your impressionable state of mind.

Embracing the limitations of your gene pool
mists of confusion cloud your rationale.
As the puppeteer lifts his stringed sticks
you dance merrily and mindlessly to his tune.

No victory can be claimed
when family members are blamed
for society’s manipulative tricks
and the pain and hurt that goes with it.

Break the spell that binds you
before you too, fall victim to the system.
It scars go deeper than you can imagine.
Awaken from the dream my love
before the nightmare begins.
Linda Smith


When our life is over
our Earthly journey done
let us not regret our dying
but rather the opportunities that passed us by
the temptations we failed to overcome
the evils we were too weak to reject
the wrongs against which we voiced no protest.

On this Earth, our suffering and sorrow
are Divine opportunities
to make us capable and strong  
that we may learn to embrace life
to savour our every breath
nurture every possibility to do and be our best
to learn to understand
to be kind and lend a helping hand

For in so doing we empower ourselves
to live our greatest possibilities
and strive to be the people we were destined to be
all the while gently meandering the path
that leads us back to ourselves
that we may discover within
the great treasures we were given.
Linda Smith


Selfishness stands as a boulder to natural goodness,
it encourages no unity,
draws no one closer,
and is endearing to none.

Selfishness causes rifts as wide as oceans,
it is a spiritual poverty,
that does no good,
and heals nothing.
Linda Smith

I am always amazed by
the stupidity of clever people,
the ignorance of the learned,
the closed-mindedness of researchers,
the little faith of the religious,
the lack of integrity in business,
the slyness and double-dealing of politicians,
the gullibility of the masses,
the greed that engulfs people
and the way they waste their lives
on things of little consequence or deep meaning.
Linda Smith

The Truth may not always be comfortable,
The Truth may not always be easy,
But The Truth is always the Truth
Linda Smith

Life is so changeable,
Today’s enemy is tomorrow’s friend,
Today friend is tomorrow’s enemy.
What bonds us today,
separates us tomorrow.
What we disagree about today,
We agree on tomorrow.
Our likes become our dislikes
and our dislikes become likes.
What we do not comprehend today
becomes obvious tomorrow.
Today’s confusion becomes
clear on the morrow.
Evil teaches,
Good blossoms.
Linda Smith

The negativities we focus on
mushroom in the dark,
but against all odds
strive to reach the light.

The positive aspects of life
to which we give our attention
blossom and flourish,
and like fields of lavender,
their aroma permeates the ether
and lifts us ever upward.
Linda Smith


Dear God in Heaven
You are the awe and majesty of all creation,
the order and power of the Universe,
the brilliant blazing Light of the Sun,
the twinkle of the stars
and the music of the spheres.

Dear God above,
Your love is the divine essence in all life,
the fragrance in the flowers,
the sparkle dancing on the streams,
the peace in the valleys
and the quiet in the still of the night.

Dear God within,
You are the energy of all life on Earth,

the blessings in every human heart,
the inner guide leading the way,
the giver of grace
and the gift in all that is good.
Linda Smith