The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason; Political Insights

These inspiring and insightful articles have been published in all major media in South Africa and further afield as well as on prominent websites. They cover political issues in South Africa such as Dictatorship, Freedom, Government, Human Rights, and also suggest higher alternatives to the dilemmas caused by the world’s current political systems. They also offer ancient wisdom for our modern society. These articles reprimand and applaud, they give strength and allow humanity to awaken to their inner strength and let their voices to be heard. The Voice of Reason is a must read for those who realise that around the world governance is in need of improvement.

While these pages reflect mainly the political incidences in Africa, the same applies over the world.
My wish is for people realise there are higher ways of overseeing a country than by the limiting political avenues with all its systems of control.
Linda Smith