Credo Mutwa Painting/Figurines

Dr Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, the great Zulu Shaman and who is the highest living Sanusi (oldest form of traditional healer and uplifter),
Sangoma (healer), and the spiritual leader of all Sanusis, n’yangas (diviners or priests) and Sangomas throughout the sub-continent.

Dr Mutwa is the keeper of the world’s history according to African Folklore.

Here, Dr Credo Mutwa is dressed is full regalia and is wearing two of his sacred necklaces.
His head-dress being made of thick solid copper bedecked with sacred stones and horsetail swish.

Capture 4

capture 8

Credo Mutwa’s figurines of strange alien creatures

Credo’s Gold Figurine

Credo gold figure

Credo Mutwa’s welded sculpture depicting metallic alien


Capture 2

Painting by Credo Mutwa depicting strange alien creatures

Credo Painting 150

Capture 3