In their search for meaning and worthiness some people turn to politics to attempt to resolve the world’s woes. They use it as a stage to give their voices wings.

Others, in their state of insanity, use politics as a platform from which to launch their evil. With loud-mouthed guile they whip unthinking mobs into a frenzy.

Politics is the great manipulating machine that lures the unsuspecting masses with promises and lies. It incarcerates their minds, steals their power and removes their choice. With slick words and invisible threads of cunning, politicians reel people in to slave for their cause.

Like puppeteers they manipulate their mesmerised marionettes to smile and sing and dance to a senseless tune. With brightly painted eyes they dangle mindlessly from strings, and with wooden lips they shout about revolution and revenge. With stick-pen in hand they write their slogans. From their puppet boxes they recite contradictory words that have so skilfully been drummed into their little wooden heads. All the while, their audiences clap and cheer and whistle.

Dressed in camouflage, rifle resting on their left shoulder, like zombies people are marched off to war. They fight and die for a meaningless cause.

It is time, little marionettes, to stop the cabaret. Breathe life into your wooden limbs, unplug your ears, open your eyes wide and see what is really happening around you.

Systems were not designed to serve the population, rather they shatter human faith and smash hopes and dreams. When people think for themselves, they cut the strings that bind them and the puppeteers, failing in their game of deceit, lose their balance and fall from their precarious pedestals tucked away in the rafters.

People blame politics when things go wrong, yet blinded by fear of facing the truth, again voters place their X in the ballot box, and again they pin their faith, hopes and dreams on systems that repeatedly defile them.

Politics, orchestrating many of humanity’s problems, has no design to rectify them. By humanity claiming its power back it discovers that the answers to all its challenges lie within. There are no heroes and no icons to look up to. When people set their own standards they become their own hero, a legend in their own life.

When people realise that they are meant to live magnificent lives, they begin to appreciate that each individual contribution is a vital stitch in the tapestry of human advancement.

Linda Smith



‘No people do so much harm as those who go about doing good.’
Mandell Creighton

Africa’s children have previously been the barefooted generations. For aeons the soles of their nimble feet have enjoyed the warmth of our Mother Continent. They connected directly to Nature and absorbed Earth’s magnetism and her healing energies. These happy children with their spontaneous smiles, running around in the veldt, climbing the kopjies, rolling old tyres down the hills and splashing in the streams enjoyed a wonderful sense of freedom.

Unfortunately, the world, having no sense of the spirit of Africa, take pity on these children’s natural happiness and fuss that they are deprived. They cry out about the ‘rights’ of these children to wear shoes.

But with shoes, their knowing feet are no longer able to feel their way around. By confining their feet, their minds are restricted and their spirits, boxed. The rigidity of shoes inhibits their movement and weakens their feet, which soon begin to hurt. In due course their understanding of Nature is lost.

Sadly, in adulthood, barefooted Africa now places more importance on posing with fancy shoes than on feeding the bellies of their offspring.

The world is destroying the spirit of this wild and beautiful continent, confining her with their lesser Western ways. Africa is being enticed, coaxed, manipulated and forced into becoming a consumer-machine where materialism has higher value than the nurturing of human life.

The old ways of Africa, her natural and tribal systems, her chiefs and sangomas (shamans) are now shamefully denied by the next generations who have become lost on their continent of their forefathers. For this they have civilisation, education and religion to thank.

Linda Smith