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Linda Smith
Author, Journalist, Inspirational Speaker
Durban, SA.


‘Unless one transforms ones unconsciousness into consciousness there is no freedom.’

It does us no good to wait for the government to provide for us. We need to take responsibility for our own needs and to do things for ourselves.

Surely by now most people will have realised that official promises of upliftment are merely a ploy to lure the unwary. One wonders if the hungry ballot box is the reason the streets are now being swept, when in fact they have been neglected for years. It is the mis-priority of the government to keep itself in what it perceives as being power.

If we each took responsibility for our environment and deposited our litter in the bins provided the streets would require less sweeping.

By doing more for ourselves, by taking our power back, by taking good care of our health, respecting ourselves and others, our communities would begin to flourish and prosper.

Perhaps our government is merely a reflection of us, the macrocosm of the microcosm, or perhaps the government is the microcosm of us, the macrocosm. We, the people hold the power. Empowered and responsible citizens have little need to feed their potential to any devouring system of authority.

When we empower ourselves we cease being needy people. We’d not be reliant on poor medical services if we improved the quality of the food on our plates. There is plenty of land for all of us to grow our own food that we may sustain ourselves.

The quality of our water will improve when we, individually and as businesses, stop polluting our waterways. The quality of our air will improve when we cease polluting it. The solutions and the power lie not in the hands of our governments, but in our own hands.

Rather than stagnate and toss our potential to the wind, we could start forming communities where we could share and help one another. It is humanity’s purpose to serve.

It is our attitudes that make us or break us, that help us to improve our living conditions. It is our willingness to participate in our own wellbeing that improves life for us individually, as communities and as a country. We, the people are the macrocosm.


Now there’s the truth – taking responsibility – government is an excuse for not taking responsibility.

Many thanks. Well said! Government is just another illusion people live under, an excuse that’s used to duck personal responsibility. And fighting an illusion is a total waste of time. As you say, we the people are the macrocosm. And when we individually wake up to the truth that I AM the macrocosm (which each one can say of themselves), then we really have something! It’s happening… slow as it seems…

Thank you so much Linda for being a Voice!!!! Total responsibility must cross over into our awareness as being. The key to taking our power back………at every level!!!!
Great article Linda……..!!!!…..

Very well said Linda. My way of thinking as well and IF only everyone will heed these words, what a wonderful world it would be!

Well stated.  Thoughts and ideals I share with you.

Good post.



 Governments that are unable to control criminal elements expose their weakness. Proper governance maintains law and order and does what is necessary to protect the lives and property of all its citizens.

In South Africa innocent people have to keep themselves jailed in their own homes while criminals walk free.

Unfortunately, there are those who have not been able to move beyond ‘taking via violence’.

Currently South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world and because of its weak and lenient judicial system, has the lowest conviction rate. Much is done to cover up the extent of the crime in this country.

It would appear that there is a soft-war taking place, and the unofficial and ‘unpaid’ soldiers are the criminals who are given free reign by the apathy of the authorities.

Under the guise of ‘crime’ thousands of white farmers are being brutally and systematically slaughtered; atrocities of which the public are barely informed. In its lack of foresight, the new South Africa will soon be starving itself to death just as Zimbabwe is so proudly and arrogantly doing.

In many countries good citizens are governed by their inferiors. The more individuals or groups inflict their ignorance on society, the more humanity suffers. When a nation loses its pride it becomes a nation of criminals. Until people free themselves from the forces of violence they are doomed to eternal destruction.

Violence, chaos, brutality, corruption and ruthless domination lead to the destruction of civilisation. Civilisation is an advanced stage of development that can only be sustained when society abides by moral laws.

‘A civilisation is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them.’ Antoine De Saint-Exupery


‘In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.’

While I am not decrying the good that some governments may do, they are the cause of many of their countries woes.

However blatant the truth may be, in trying to justify their policies and actions, political speeches are a mishmash of contradictions.

The governments of the world have their methods of relieving the man in the street of his earnings. Not even death is an excuse for not contributing to the bottomless pit where the all-consuming tax-dragon lies in wait.

Each country’s economy is at the mercy of its government. Around the world, and usually in unison, governments either release money into the economy or withhold it. When money is released the people prosper, but are soon enticed to overextend themselves and get into debt.

The governments then withdraw money from the economy and the people begin to perish. Their possessions and their property are soon devoured by the very finance houses that enticed them into the debt lair.

As George Bernard Shaw so aptly put it, ‘A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.’ But then one begins to wonder if the government itself is not actually Paul, who orchestrates everything in its own favour.

Governments in collaboration with big business, for political and economic reasons that are usually based on lies, declare wars on other countries. Thus they sentence people to death rather than resolve the conflict they created.

Despite the fact that defence means to protect, to guard against harm, defence forces are sent across borders to invade other countries, usually those rich in minerals or oil. While the conscienceless corporates rape and plunder, the lives of citizens are devastated and destroyed. Unfortunately, people pay the price for the wealth Nature so generously buried deep in the soil.

Linda Smith


So true. GVL

Excellent Linda. Thanks for highlighting the harsh  truth. Have a super day. HS

well said SICK OF THIS GOVERNMENT  right about now……..BvV

Yes Linda this is true. The concept of Democracy has prostituted itself with corrupt power hungry, money grabbing  politicians who have become so arrogant that they even refuse to front up to media and questions when requested ,issuing meaningless statements instead. You see this everywhere.
Times they will be a changing and these guys are not going to like those changes.
Love and Light Linda keep well. RR

We truly are a slave species and despite centuries and centuries having passed since we were created as a slave species we do not seem to be able to rise above this.
Just look at what happened in Poland earlier this week. IM



South Africa: behind the painted smile (and applicable to every political system) – as featured on David Icke’s website.

Twenty three years of democracy has not been able to free the imprisoned mind.

In their search for meaning and worthiness, people align with causes tender to their heart. Some turn to politics to attempt to resolve the world’s woes. They use it as a stage to give their voice wings. With nobility they plead for the cause of those, who they deem weak and unfortunate.

Some, in their state of insanity, use politics as a platform from which to launch their evil. With loud-mouthed guile they whip unthinking mobs into a frenzied mania.

Politics is the great manipulating machine that lures us along with promises and lies. It incarcerates our minds, steals our power and removes our choice. With slick words and invisible threads of cunning, politicians reel us in to slave for their cause.

Like puppeteers they manipulate their mesmerised marionettes to smile and sing and dance to a senseless tune. With brightly painted eyes they dangle mindlessly from strings, and with wooden lips they shout about revolution and revenge. With stick-pen in hand they write their slogans. From their puppet box they recite contradictory words that have so skilfully been drummed into their little wooden heads. All the while, their audiences clap and cheer and whistle.

Dressed in camouflage, rifle resting on left shoulder, like zombies they march to war. They fight and die for a meaningless cause.

It is time, little marionettes, to stop the cabaret. Systems were not designed to serve us. They only shatter our faith and smash our hopes and dreams.

Breathe life into your wooden limbs, unplug your ears, open your eyes wide and see what is really happening around you.

When we begin thinking for ourselves, we cut the strings that bind us. The puppeteers, failing in their game of deceit, soon lose their balance and fall from their precarious pedestals tucked away so neatly in the rafters.

We blame politics when things go wrong, yet blinded by our fear of facing the truth, again we place our X in the ballot box, and again we pin our faith, hopes and dreams on a system that repeatedly defiles us.

Politics, orchestrating many of humanity’s problems, has no design to rectify them. By claiming our power we discover that the answers to all our challenges lie within. When we realise that we are meant to live magnificent lives, we begin to appreciate that our individual contribution is a vital stitch in the tapestry of our human evolution.

Linda Smith


The times they are a changin’

The end of the Mayan Calendar signifies the ending of an era and the ushering in of higher ways of living and being; an era of peace will reign on Earth.

In changing times the boat is rocked. This can be challenging for those who cling to the old ways or continue with systems that no longer serve the world.

Those who have orchestrated evil on others are due for their comeuppances. As the saying goes – ‘what goes around comes around’. Those who have lived off the backs of others will soon find themselves holding the begging bowl. The unscrupulous will be brought to book and many a parasite will topple from their perch.

The dictatorial ways have seen the best of their days. The endless rules being enforced on humanity will be overturned by those refusing to relinquish their rights.

Everywhere people are waking up; the pain of the cracking whip is opening their eyes. Humanity is becoming conscious and breaking from imposed systems of slavery.

There are no saviours, no heroes, and no icons. Life is a group effort. We are here to help and support each other.

The way forward is in the hands and hearts of thinking people, those who do not allow themselves to be fooled, bought or manipulated; those who speak out and stand up for what is right.

Linda Smith

Linda is right, but we can’t stand back and do as we have been dogmatised to do, wait for the Government or a mythological god. The time is now, do it.

Most profound article. Absolutely agree.


Governments represent the collective unconscious of its citizens

It is interesting to note how many governments around the globe are despised by their citizens. Royal families (usually married into wealth and governments – a perfect combination to take control of the countries’ riches) don’t always hit the top of the popularity charts either. Some Heads of State and their merry men manage to hold the stage until being dethroned and frogmarched off by the general population.

One wonders if such governments were ever legitimately elected, or specifically appointed as puppet mouth pieces.

Leaders, like Mugabe, despite the fact that they have totally ruined good countries, manage to remain in office long after the expiration of their ‘sell-by’ date.

Having little regard for the plight of their citizens, world governments and big corporations work to their own pre-arranged agendas, jointly manipulating situations. Personal riches and mineral wealth take preference over life and environment. If anyone doubts this, simply look at the state that Africa is in; a continent raped by foreign investment. Despite countries being ravaged by war, mining continues unhindered and unabated.

The introduction of ‘education’ and ‘civilisation’ has all but destroyed the natural life of Africa’s people. The same has been done to the various native peoples around the globe; the Bushman of Africa, the Native American peoples, the people of Greenland, the Australian Aborigines, New Zealand’s Maoris.

Human effort is funnelled into upholding institutions that serve only to defile them. People need to realise that ignoring their governments’ actions won’t make the problems go away.

We live in a world of supposed freedom; freedom is our promised democratic right. If we are not satisfied with certain situations we have the right to say so, and as loudly as we wish.

It is not moral that laws be passed to protect the shenanigans of the so-called elite, nor is it moral that the hierarchy be immune from upholding the laws of the country. Repeating the wrongs of the past simply reveals that regardless of which side of the fence they sit, they are made of the same ilk and take their commands from the same headquarters.

Linda Smith


Love your approach on this one, thought I had escaped the Africa dictatorship hassle but I find America is on the verge of the same thing with the constitution being threatened, detention without trial and all the rest, in this case the local populace either don’t see it or have been brain washed to the point that they think it’s all ok.

Brilliantly Put!

Well said, Linda.


‘In this world of contradiction systems destroy everything they claim to stand for.’
Michael Ellner

The first two decades of democratic freedom in South Africa will be remembered as being ‘the years the locusts have eaten’.

The feeding frenzies that take place in governmental and municipal departments expose a devouring greed of a mindless munching monster incapable of controlling its appetite or even checking itself.

Those who promised to lead our country to a better life for all soon forgot their words and enriched themselves instead. When everything has been consumed they’ll turn on each other. Evil set against evil destroys itself and everything in its environment.

Greed and corruption lead to the total destruction of any system of overseer-ship and are the ultimate form of disrespect and abuse of trust.

Fortunately, every time an evil is named and exposed it loses its strength.

In South Africa, one would be hard pressed to come up with a single structure set in place by previous regimes that have not been all but destroyed; roads, pavements, water, pollution, sewerage, energy, education, medical support, general maintenance, etc, etc, etc.

Official departments, headed up by a bunch of bullies with no leadership skills, are nervous that their deeds will be noticed. With worried expressions and fancy footwork they slide around trying to extricate themselves from the predicaments they put themselves in.

Governments and municipalities are there to be of service to the people, not to serve the cause of political agendas that were devised by a far-off entity with ulterior and self-serving motives to enslave humanity.

Only those who appreciate values and who have diligently prepared themselves are worthy of any positions over overseer-ship.

How much longer are South African’s going to endure hardship before the cracking of the whip awakens them to the fact that their worst nightmare is the reality they are now living; that freedom is worse than Apartheid.

Linda Smith

Brilliant article, well done!

Well said,  Linda.  “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I’m surprised you’re still standing!  You have courage to write so honestly about those in the driving seat, so to speak.

Very true and well said!! This should be posted on the social pages like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Thanks for a good article.



Recently I watched a film, a true story about the Rwandan tragedy. One of the travesties was that the United States government, being blind in one eye and not able or willing to see through the other, allowed millions of people to be mercilessly slaughtered in a government-sponsored massacre.

When eventually the United Nations were sent in, its mission was to rescue only the ex-pats. Local pleading, for even the slightest assistance to escape, was denied. The UN soldiers were steeled to strict instructions; there was no place for compassion in their mission. Lack of humanitarian assistance resulted in immediate and ongoing slaughter, and as always, good and innocent people were victims of mass injustices.

As was the case in the Congo, entire families were wiped out, and millions of lives were ripped apart. People became disassociated from their natural home and now many are barely eking out an existence in neighbouring, and already overcrowded countries.

South Africa, land of crime and hate, has become a ‘safe’ haven for millions of refugees; all having fled from what is clearly a pattern of orchestrated conflict. Same stories, different countries, with so-called international’ help’ deciding who will live and who will die.

Throughout the world big business and politicians have betrayed humanity. They have kept us in poverty and led us to our graves. And they continue to do so to this very day.

We, the people on the ground, need to stop blindly following orders. By killing people, we devastate our very being and halt our awakening. We cease being victims when we think for ourselves. There is little that the few, in their ivory towers can do, if we, in our numbers cease holding their empires up. They are more reliant on us than we are on them.

While they play their deceitful games, let us focus on building our nations on integrity. The only way forward is with open hearts and seeing the good in all people. The future is ours to carve as we desire.

Linda Smith



Many people believe that life is a game that they are playing, not realising that the games have been playing them.

Humanity have been tin soldiers, pawns, puppets and clowns in games devised, monitored and controlled by attitudes that ensure that official interests take precedence over public concern.

The first game enslaves us to a work-a-day world. We work day in day out, year in year out, the decades passing in a blur of nothingness with life seeming to have little meaning.

Tax is another game. Tax is criss-cross mess of rates, taxes, licences, tolls and fines imposed on us to systematically remove our wealth. The gamer grabs it all.

In the game of peace, with weapons paid for with the sweat of our brow, we are sent to fight, injure, maim and destroy our fellow human. Hopeful warriors become the fallen. Survivors limp home, mentally and emotionally scarred. The results of war are predetermined by the warmongers; this making a mockery of the effort and sacrifice made by those who were led to believe they were fighting for something worthwhile.

The game of indoctrination is mis-spelled ‘education’. In this game we are presented with information that is to the gamers’ benefit for us to accept. We are taught that the system is right and we are wrong. History is the victors’ version of events. Scientists put forward their interpretations of the illusion known as ‘this world’.

In the game known as law and order everyone is subjected to rules and regulations written, with all its loopholes, to curb those of criminal mind. Yet, the guardians of these rules, with ‘justice’ on their side, manage to slip through the bars on ‘technicalities’ while others sleep in soft cells.

The cruel game of health provides the population with inferior medical assistance in unsanitary hospitals. Despite so-called medical and scientific advances, there is an alarming increase in disease on Earth.

It is time for us to wake up and stop playing these hypnotic political and religious games in which the dice are loaded against us.
Linda Smith


‘I believe that if ignorance can be banished from this world, if people can communicate with each other fully, frankly, and in depth, then all wars will cease because the cause of war is fear and hatred, and hatred is the ugly daughter of the evil witch of ignorance.’
Zulu Shaman, Dr Credo Mutwa

Humanity’s main problem is its ignorance of the truth Despite Africa’s painful history, and blind to the truth as ever, everyone is a pawn in someone else’s agenda. People have been brainwashed with propaganda and many are not yet able to distinguish between truth and the falsehoods that are used to manipulate them.

Unfortunately, local population are always expected to pay the price for the dubious policies and unwise decisions of foreign politician who did not have to live with the consequences of their errors. They have never picked up a shovel and dug into Africa’s core, and are devoid of empathy imbued in those who have lived with the sight of suffering, ignorance, superstition and manipulation on this continent.

Only those who have lived in Africa and have a thorough understanding of her ways have authority to make decisions regarding the welfare of all her people. Only those who have really lived and breathed Africa know her goodness, and her strengths, her discord and corruptibility, and the diverse ways of her many-varied and multi-cultural people can comprehend the complications of guiding this magnificent continent.

It is important to have intimate knowledge of Africa’s diverse traditions and superstitions, her fears as well as her ancient wisdom, not to mention the strange and bizarre things that take place here. It is necessary to know how pliable and yet how unyielding she can be, to know when she can be moulded and when she is best left alone.

Africa has her traditional systems and these are to be respected, for when there is regard and respect for all people and cultures progress is made.

Linda Smith


I applaud your work and bravery in exposing the insufferable evil going on in SA right now.
Dr P G

Linda, I’m really amazed with your boldness to address these controversial issues. I’ve spend time with you as my yoga instructor, skiing friend but your website has thrown a whole new light at the way I look at your depth as a person now.
Durban, South Africa



I am always amazed when people honour me for being so brave as to speak and write the truth. What amazes me is that there are people out there that would even think of not telling the truth. It is because of all the lies, deceit and corruption that our lives are in a state of chaos.

The remedy is very simply. When we stop throwing bottles on the pavements we’ll no longer suffer with cut feet.

In a state of fear, people keep a smouldering silence about the wrongs committed by others. Such non-action allows wrongdoing to flourish. As evil flees in the face of truth, threat of exposure encourages people to walk the straight and narrow.

People who have faith in themselves take correct action. By standing up for what is right we take the first steps in building a world that is worth living in and passing on to our children.

Linda Smith



We have to ask ourselves if South Africa (and the world for that matter) is being run the way we would like it to be run.

Politicians fail to explain the real deal, but if we listen carefully we’ll pick up the telltale signs that reveal the obvious.

Before Mugabe came into power he said at a press conference in Lusaka that the only solution to the Rhodesian ‘problem’ was a one-party Marxist state, which is what he turned Zimbabwe into

Recently in a speech Mr Zuma said that he is leading South Africa to a New World Order. However, he failed to explain to the people who supposedly put him in power what that actually means.

NWO promotes a global fascist dictatorship that makes all the decisions and leads to the total loss of human freedom. It promotes a one-world currency and a one-world army where the only enemy will be the unarmed people. Humanity will be ordered to queue up to become a micro-chipped population that will only be able to think and do what the mainframe computer programs it to think and do.

Many ‘official’ organisations, such as the World Health Organisation, the United Nations, the EU and the AU are working together to bring about the New World Order.

Is this the future we want for ourselves and our children? Do we really want to vote for a puppet system that is covertly manipulating us while bleeding our country to death? If we want to live in a totally free world then it is time for us to wake up and become streetwise!

As humanity learns to get off its knees and speak up for itself the shackles of incarceration are breaking. The more the system tries to confine us, the more urgent becomes our need for total freedom. The rules and regulations that have attempted to keep us in line are now backfiring.

Linda Smith



Traditionally African society has not looked kindly on those who have not fulfilled their promises.

The five million jobs that were so glibly promised for some date in the distant future have now been un-promised. Since the disappearance of many training institutions that could have offered our youth opportunities to learn good trades, the promised jobs would seemingly have been for the unskilled labour market.

Many businesses have been forced to close their doors leaving good people unemployed because our Government has permitted our trade to be dominated by China.

They have allowed our country to get into so much debt that our budget figures are not looking good and money is being wasted servicing a mounting interest bill.

Before South Africa finds itself on skid row, some serious transformation needs to take place. As a country we need to take our power back and do what is right for our people and our economy.

Linda Smith


The Power of Example

When we see the extent to which those appointed to seats of opportunity so eagerly fall victim to acts of bribery and corruption we realise that South Africa has the best government that money can buy.

Confucius stated that ‘to govern means to rectify’. He said that the shortcomings of governments reflect in the degeneracy of their population. He stated that if a superior person were to dwell amongst lesser people they would be greatly uplifted.

The person distinguished with having the most intelligence is proven as being fit to oversee the people. However, if at any stage that ruler ceased to administer the country for the good of the people he would lose the privilege of sitting in the highest seat in the land. Violence and oppression need to be checked and the respect of the people maintained.

Confucius advocated that if governments were clear in their desire for good, the people would be good. If people were led with correctness there would be no need for them to be corrected.

He placed great importance on the personal virtue of all those in authority. Principles take priority over possessions. If the conduct of the rulers were in order governments would be blameless.

Linda Smith


Governance That Enriches The Whole Country

The government, like vultures are systematically picking South Africa’s carcass clean, wastefully denuding public coffers of staggering amounts of its citizen’s hard-earned contributions.

Yet, via public media, they have the audacity to question the public’s honesty regarding individual income tax returns.

According to ancient wisdom, those who oversee a country’s governance ought to be those who, by practicing virtues have been able to perfect themselves.

It states that political positions are to be sought by those who, with their immense concern for humanity‘s well-being, feel that their higher mission is to lead citizens to a state of harmony and stability. Such governance would result in the enrichment of the country as a whole.

Linda Smith


They Are Few And We Are Many

Vote for a party that offers you the illusion of freedom and you’ll soon discover that governments do not fulfil their promises; neither do they have any intention of doing so.

We expect to receive what they promised to us. It is after all, our hard-earned money that pays for everything, including their salaries and their handsome perks.

Around the world, governments lie and do things that are illegal. They deem themselves to be so powerful that no one can stop them.

Lacking foresight, governments have underestimated the power of the people. While a few may currently govern the world, these few would do well to remember exactly that. They are few and we are many. We have the power to stand in their way.

Linda Smith


‘You cannot solve problems with the same level of intelligence that created them.’
Albert Einstein

South Africa is realizing that it is not getting what it voted for and that few are better off.

Fortunately, as people become exposed to a variety of concepts they begin to realise that better possibilities exist and they start thinking for themselves.

Certain ideologies such as Communism inspire none, but inflict chaos and misery in all areas of its influence.

The answer to every country’s political woes is the total removal of governments that do not have humanity’s interests at heart. The more we vote the less free we become and the more the world becomes impoverished by war.

The army, a sector of government, programmes people for war. War does not and can never create peace. No personal, spiritual or conscious advancements are made by committing acts of violence. We have the right to live in peace and harmony and be able to sustain ourselves without political interference.

Governments disregard their own Constitution. They do things that are illegal, because they think that nobody is able to stop them. While dictators free themselves financially, they enslave the people. Under the guise of freedom, secrecy bills designed to remove our freedoms, are passed.

Good people have no need to be prodded by the sharp end of the law. Crime calls for law to be passed and laws encourage crime. Laws are set in place to remove our freedoms. By our correct moral conduct we are able to make laws redundant.

Beyond the bounds of politics a wonderful world of opportunity exists.

Linda Smith


Light at the end of the tunnel

Nearly 100 years ago the great South African prophet ‘Seer’ Van Rensburg warned that without unity ‘everything would go wrong in the country.’

As predicted, the many structures set in place by our previous government are now in tatters. Public services, headed up by those lacking merit and qualification, are anything but services. Politicians have even delivered the very speeches that appeared in Van Rensburg’s visions.

He also foresaw that all countries aligned with the United Nations would experience great distress. He saw the swell of African asylum-seekers that have been pouring into South Africa for decades, all fleeing from hunger and lack of opportunity. The world sees little of the true horrors of Africa’s ‘democratically’ elected communistic dictatorships.

Communism, a sticky spiders web, lures its prey with a string of lies, promising rewards that can never be realised. By manipulating people to strike they fulfil their mission of bringing the economy to its knees. This sets the stage for them to manoeuvre themselves into a governing position. Communistic countries simply do not have prosperous populations. In reality they are amongst the poorest of the poor.

Communism is the forerunner to the introduction of the New World Order, a state of no choice and a total lack of freedom – one world government, one world religion and a micro-chipped population programmed to follow the commands of the mainframe computer.

Van Rensburg’s prophecies made it clear that while the proposed government of the NWO may present itself as being good, it will in fact be inherently diabolical and corrupt. This is not surprising when one looks at the credentials of those obeying their instructions to hoodwink the population in order to usher it in.

The time has come for us to start thinking for ourselves and connect the dots!

Fortunately, after enduring chaos, blackouts and cold baked beans, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. There will once again come a time when South Africans will live without burglar guards and heavy security.

Linda Smith


‘Oppressive government is fiercer than a tiger.’

Once, Confucius was travelling near the Tai mountain when he heard a woman sobbing at a gravesite. He stopped his carriage and listened. He then enquired as to the cause of her grief; she seemed to be sobbing as if she had experienced sorrow upon sorrow.

The woman confirmed that this was the case. A tiger had killed her father-in-law, and then a tiger also killed her husband and then her son.

Confucius asked why she had not gone to live elsewhere and her reply was that in that area the government was not oppressive. Confucius then turned to his disciples and said ‘My children remember this. Oppressive government is fiercer than a tiger.’

Linda Smith


‘Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful.’
George Orwell

In Mr Zuma’s State of the Nation address he commended the late Helen Suzman for speaking out against the previous regime’s oppressive laws.

This is quite surprising considering that Mr Zuma’s government is passing oppressive laws that affect our rights of freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, the very promises to rights of freedom that the ANC provocateurs used to lure its potential electorate prior to 1994.

That is exactly what happened in George Orwell’s acclaimed book Animal Farm where the animals, blindly trusting their self-appointed leaders ended up with the opposite of what was promised to them. The leaders even tried to convince the animals that this was what they had been promised. Those who investigated noticed that the promised words, which had been etched in stone, had been altered.

Is our government soon to try to convince us that lack of freedom is what they actually promised us, even though it was constitutionally scribed?

Mr Zuma referred to our prosperous country and shortly thereafter spoke about the high unemployment rate. Despite the fact that the old regime vacated the chair nearly 18 years ago and that during that time many institutions of technical learning disappeared, it is still being blamed for the current unemployment.

I would be so bold as to suggest that perhaps a portion of the unemployment is due to the fact that post 1994 many of our jobs were sacrificed to appease the flourishing Chinese industry.

Despite the loss of industry, Mr Zuma spoke of increasing productivity and minimising poverty. The leaders in Animal Farm did likewise, but contracted out to other farmers and at the end of the day the animals were worse off.

Linda Smith


‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’
Martin Luther King. Jr.

Let our pens run hot until there is no place for those with criminal minds to hide; not even among the sewer rats or other places were vermin creep.

People who have faith in themselves take correct action. Those who know better than to become involved with ego or struggle with evil know that compromise with evil is impossible.

In Africa there is no secret that can remain hidden, no untruth that will not be uncovered, and no dark place where light will not shine. Truth and steadfastness help to cure the ills of the world.

Despite their fancy talk and wonderful promises, some politicians and their representatives do the opposite of what they say, which is what they planned to do all along.

Unfortunately many promises remain unfulfilled and despite endless representation much is ignored until people take to the streets with their placards. This usually adds to the conflict and violence. Situations should have never been allowed to get to this. People, who protest, do so because they have been manipulated accordingly. However, when people respond peacefully rather than react violently they would instil empathy in the public, rather than tarnish their image.

Unfilled promises are lies. This type of governance discourages public loyalty and is the cause for institutions to destroy themselves.

Linda Smith



Independent African states are far from being independent. African countries were less dependent on foreign aid in its many forms before they became independent. One often wonders if foreign aid is the honey invitingly dripped onto a spider’s web.

In speeches, African politicians have stated that they would show the world what they could do. Unfortunately, they were not able to live up to their own expectations, possibly due to lack of expertise, much of which they banished from their shores. Such action makes them dependent on helping hands, often those they chose to despise.

There is no such thing as being independent. Individually and as a nation, we are dependent on one another and require each other’s skills and services. Like people, all countries could benefit from friendly neighbourliness.

We are people of one world, all with the same purpose, hopes and aspirations. Everyone wishes to live in harmony with one another and share the abundance and prosperity the world has to offer.

This can only come about when we work together and look out for one another. Cubans, with a collapsed economy and through desperation and hardship have learned to work together and have become better people for it. Perhaps suffering brings more meaning to life and gives the lesson greater depth. When humanity awakens from the ‘economic illusion’ they may remember what is really important in life. They will then realise that their human spirit is indomitable and will rise up to overcome whatever obstacles are set in its path.

“One of the sayings in our country is Ubuntu – the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can’t exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness. You can’t be human all by yourself, and when you have this quality – Ubuntu – you are known for your generosity.

We think of ourselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole world. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Linda Smith


When cultures don’t know the difference between real strength and weakness, and when they confuse spiritual with other kinds of power, then these cultures degrade and attract the exploiters.’’
Dan McCarthy

In Africa people need to develop ‘eyes in the back of the head’ awareness. Africa is a continent of many and varied cultures, where shadowy realms, the real and the unreal merge together and become one and make it difficult to distinguish what actually exists and what may be the figment of some long-forgotten legend. Here magical beings are seen to be more real than flesh and blood, and myth and legend, fact and fable are woven together.

Here the great ingwenya, the crocodile, has been revered for its cunning and stealth. The crocodile’s ability to creep up on its prey underwater and grab it in its massive jaws has been taken as a sign of its greatness and its invincible powers.

This unsavoury, vicious and devouring scavenger is so honoured for its cunning that it has been adopted as the totem of certain African tribes. To be cunning has been regarded as a quality, but to those who abide by a different set of morals, to be cunning is known as the ultimate sign of weakness.

Unfortunately, when cultures are not able to distinguish the difference between real strength and weakness, honour is awarded to evil. They confuse trickery and strange and magical forces with what is truly spiritual. Such mis-interpretations have degraded the cultures and produced the victim mentality that has attracted exploiters.

From its northern desert tip to its southern white shores, the unscrupulous have flocked to Africa; the missionaries seeking souls, the explorers lusting for adventure and opportunity; the miners raping the Earth of its treasures, not to mention the corporate crocodiles who camouflage their cunning and stealth in collar and tie, but their lipless grins expose their fangs.

Unlike the un-evolved crocodile, may humanity cease giving in to its lower nature and strive for advancement.

Linda Smith



Dictators use absolute authority, especially those who, without having any claim through inheritance or free popular election, seize control of governments. By definition, they are distrustful of people and their fears prohibit the free play of public opinion.

With expert cunning dictators strive to bring others under their total domination. They control all sources of official media. These tyrants do not tolerate criticism, nor do they allow interference. Those not in agreement with their policies are quickly reduced to silence. In the face of evidence to the contrary blatant cover-up statements are made.

Having preyed on the population’s gullibility and vulnerability, followers have been acquired by force of threat of physical reprisal.

For centuries Africa has respected power derived from force. Admiration has been accorded to strength rather than ethics and moral conduct. Even if the abused have been wrongly victimised, cheers have been raised for those who physically abuse others, simply because the abusers have symbolised power and force.

The world press has long claimed African leaders to be ‘Nationalists’, but many turned out to be tribal, blindly ambitious and irresponsible. Their loyalties lay only with themselves, their clan and a favoured few.

Given power they have wrought destruction. They took prosperous countries and torn them asunder.

Eventually we realise that there are better ways. This becomes our turning point. There are better ways to view the world, and more enlightened ways of being that encourage a fulfilling and liberated life. By diligently preparing ourselves, thereby making ourselves worthy, the Universe presents us with better opportunities.

Linda Smith



Throughout Africa, tribal hatred has played out in the political arena. With forked tongues and convoluted thinking, politicians have tried to conceal the double meanings of their slick speeches. With lawlessness, violence, disorder, brutality and intimidation, political henchmen canvas for votes. Without careful design, these patterns in the acts of violence could not occur.

While peace has been promised, disharmony has been created and citizens have become uneasy. Law and order are mouthed, but crime and violence have been orchestrated. Political leaders squabble amongst themselves, while intimidating their electorate. Yet we, Joe Public, are urged to be politically tolerant.

Politicians promise prosperity, but fail to mention that it is meant only for them. Our little has become less and their much has become more. The fraudsters employed in government departments cruise the gravy train while enjoying lavish scoops of the contributions made by voiceless taxpayers.

We have a democratic right to say whatever we wish as long as we keep our mouths shut. Laws, far worse than those imposed by previous regime are being contrived. These transparent acts of trickery are designed to protect offenders from being exposed for their unacceptable acts. Laws can never make immoral acts moral, nor can the make the wrong right. The unalterable constitution is amendable if these amendments are beneficial to those wishing to manipulate it.

Yes, we certainly do need to develop tolerance towards politicians. We also need to find our tongues and use them to save us from incarceration so severe, that it has never previously been known on this continent. It is now time for us to find the courage to stand up for justice and true freedom.

Linda Smith



History has revealed that in Africa, to politicians, politics has represented material advantage. Money-hungry politicians have spouted the ideologies expecting the population to endure a meagre existence while they themselves reside in ivory towers.

Speeches about working hard to build a nation have no appeal to those who struggle to eke out a meagre existence. Lectures about national prestige are wasted on those only interested in a pay rise or free beer.

 Political promises under the guise of democracy, socialism, communism, Marxism and even trade unionism have back-fired and have disadvantaged most of the population.

Fortunately, the population have now begun to see through the smokescreen of contradictions and lies.

The pity is that politics was ever introduced into the Mother continent. The West’s version of ‘freedom’ and the East’s policies of ideological dictatorships have only served to set Africa’s people against each other.

The East and the West, interfering in Africa’s affairs, have brought her to her knees. Over decades, the blood of millions has been spilled and the financial benefit to both sides of the compass has been enormous.

We live in one world; we are one people with no need of political governance. By freeing ourselves of the shackles of politics, we, the residents of this magnificent blue planet, will once again live in harmony. It starts with us. When we conduct ourselves ethically and morally, our inferiors will no longer govern us.

Linda Smith



Our government has gotten itself jammed between a rock and a hard place, sandwiched between the promises they made to their electorate and the commands of their masters. Now they are doing some fancy-footwork while their babbling forked tongues continue to make opposing statements.

Only when those who have diligently prepared themselves are appointed to the honoured task of participating in the governing of our country, will correct action be taken.

The privilege for the general population to cast their vote comes with the responsibility for everyone to contribute of their best.

Only by doing what is right and abiding by good principles do we move forward together for mutual benefit and advancement. When principle is discarded, authorities are seen for what they are and in due course they topple from their crumbling pedestals.

Unfortunately, not all governments abide by their own constitutions. Certain people in positions of authority have fallen prey to bribery and corruption, the very challenges that their titles and positions command that they oppose.

The people of Zimbabwe have had to take that government to court to seek justice. Justice includes all of us, not just-us, those in positions to manipulate for self-benefit.

When businesses are nationalised the governments are effectively removing possessions and opportunities from the population, rendering them voiceless and powerless.

Good people do not need to be threatened or herded into line by democratically elected dictators who follow socialistic, communistic or Marxists ideologies, which elsewhere, have long been discarded.

Linda Smith


‘The Congo is the setting for the most cruel and bitter liberation struggle.’

So says the Marxist revolutionist Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara after whom Moore Road in Durban was recently renamed, but generally referred to as guava road.

The truth is that the Congo did not suffer from a cruel and bitter liberation struggle. After the seeds of discontent were sown, this well-developed, prosperous and thriving country was handed over to the Congolese on a platter. So eager were they to govern themselves, they failed to diligently prepare themselves for the task.

The infighting only really began after Independence was granted on 30th June 1960. By 11 July the fighting had escalated into full-scale war and good citizens were forced to flee for their lives.

This state of orchestrated chaos was a prime opportunity for greedy and conscienceless countries to squabble over the spoils of war. Daily, soldiers and tons of weapons poured in through not-so-neighbourly countries.

With everything in an uproar, the do-gooders arrived with guns a blazing. In the name of peace The United Nations under the leadership of Dag Hammarskjold, (son of the Swedish Prime Minister Hjalmar Hammarskjold – owner of great mineral wealth), crossed swords those who stood in the way of their quest to lay their hands on the Congo’s mineral wealth; the very thing for which Belgium was criticised. Their official badges and big titles exempted them from scrutiny. Every attempt was made to destroy the life of Moise Tshombe, the self-acclaimed leader of the Congo’s mineral rich seceded Katanga province.

 It is little wonder that Hammarskjold ended up with a bullet hole in his forehead after surviving a mysterious plane crash across the border in Northern Rhodesia. He was crawling in the dirt when his enemy found him. The corpses of some of his bodyguards were riddled with bullets.

A Nobel Peace prize was posthumously awarded to Hammarskjold, when in fact, he had added massively to the conflict in the Congo.

For too many decades, Africa’s innocent have paid the price for the corrupt. The young have grown old knowing only war and poverty. Shame on you, scavengers from lands afar! Africa’s riches have been exchanged for poverty. Do you not see that it is your hearts that are discontent, and that it is you who are the poorest of the poor! What fate awaits your soul? What peace will it ever find?

Linda Smith



The foreign countries that are now raping these ‘independent’ states of their natural resources are doing little, if anything, for these countries.

History reveals that many of these countries had previously been colonised by African people who had fled from the wrath of African tribes in other territories. Wars and faction fighting resulted in many women and children being absorbed into different tribes.

No matter where our ancestors roamed, and no matter what they did, the fact of the matter is that we are all residing on the Mother Continent. Let us move forward together. Africa has all the sunshine, all the resources and manpower to bring an end to poverty. By linking arms and contributing our labours and talents, together we have the possibility of building the finest Nations on Earth.

When people of virtue, honesty and high standing govern Africa this continent will make great strides. The task of these leaders will be to attend to the welfare of all its inhabitants. It will be their trusted responsibility to increase the prosperity of all their people and to protect it from mishap. Under such rule, countries prosper and there is great happiness. So together, let us be great’.

Linda Smith


‘There are no human rights in Africa.’

So says an aggressive and greatly feared Central African rebel.

Africa is a crime-ridden and hate-driven continent where foolish words and threats are seen as symbols of power.

Despite Africa being politically ‘free’ to democratically vote for the leader of their choice, many are still plugged into, and controlled by, the ‘rebellion’ programme. To be run on a programme

Our carefully legislated ‘freedom’ and ‘human rights’ are systematically being removing. Rights equal choices. How much choice do citizens have if they are compelled to join unions? If unions are dictating their actions, where is their freedom?

Running a business is challenging enough without contending with dissention from within. This has been the reason that many good business people have packed up and left these shores to continue their ventures abroad. Because employees ‘won’ the round for the unions, many of them now tramp the pavements; some work for a pittance. The gnawing pain in their stomach has taught them that a little income is better than looking into their children’s starving eyes.

The fact of the matter is that we always have choice and we can choose to not accept these ‘compulsory’ situations. Employees need to wake-up to the fact that they have been puppets in the political arena.

The end goal of many political systems is that each country be brought to its knees, as has happened in the not-fairing-too-well Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, each African nation is adamant that she should suffer from her own mistakes rather than learn from her neighbour’s mistakes. After all ‘suffering’ is the motto that Africa’s holds so dear to her heart. It gives her a sense of purpose.

It is up to the people of Africa to turn things around. Africa’s grossly overfed and uncaring leaders are the cause of many problems, not the solutions. Politicians have been brainwashed by some or other ideology that, unless stopped, will lead to the demise of what could be great nations.

Linda Smith


‘Free at last, free at last; thank God Almighty we are free at last.’
Martin-Luther King, Jnr

 In South Africa, everyone and everything is free.

The important people in supposedly high places are free to lavishly indulge themselves on the spoilings of communal coffers.

The youth are free to do as they please. In school holidays some serve their apprenticeship for hard-core crime. Their mentors being the violence and crime-riddled programmes on television, the ones screened between the announcements that pledge that ‘a Code of Conduct has been signed that is enforced by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa. Under the Code they are committed to giving news that is accurate, comment that is fair, and programming that is not harmful to children, does not amount to hate speech or the description of gratuitous violence or explicit sex.’

People are free to take their cue from the bombardment of beer and alcohol adverts that encourage them to become a nation of drunkards.

Workers are free to be incompetent and steal from their employers and then never understand why jobs become scarce.

Medical staff and care-workers with bad attitudes are free to give unacceptably bad treatment in dirty hospitals.

Like the rest of free Africa, without having maintenance imposed on them, roads are free to have as many potholes as they desire, even reverting to ribbons of grey gravel if they so choose.

Water pipes are free to burst, even in the middle of the tarmac, and spontaneously express themselves as awesome fountains. Some even create instant dams in the middle of busy intersections enabling motorists to take their vehicles for a quick nose-dive.

Rather than be confined to a lonely dustbin, litter is free to bask in the sunshine and dance in the rain.

Sewerage no longer has to meet its fate at the sewerage farm. It is free to cascade majestically down flights of stairs in once-decent buildings. It is free to bobble along in gay abandon down roads and pathways, taking delight in stinging even the hardiest nostrils.

Unlike the sturdy, strong and bigger houses that were built according to regulations strictly imposed by the previous regime (that is still blamed endlessly for everything), the newly slapped together little blockhouses are free to fall apart if they so desire, many before completion.

However, we are not free to notice these discrepancies, point out the blatantly obvious, complain about anything, or even speak the truth. If we do that, the ‘word police’ bully us and threaten us with big scary sticks.

Oh, what good has our ‘freedom’ done us? Or perhaps it is us who have not stepped up and done our freedom any good!

Linda Smith



Politics is an intricately connived web of deceit designed to fool humanity. Political stooges, hunting the unwary, slink through the ‘hallowed’ halls of learning and places dedicated to worship where they nest like vipers and feed empty minds.

Whether one allows oneself to become mesmerised by Capitalism, Communism, Marxism, Socialism or whateverism, the propaganda is similar; all are woven together with slick words. The puppeteer holds all the strings; he orchestrates all the moves.

It makes little difference which political system is in place. With sleight of hand politicians promise peace and prosperity, but connive to orchestrate hardship, riots and wars, their collective goal being to cause global destabilisation.

Nothing is allowed to be fair in love or war and the odds are always stacked against the innocent. Like robbers demanding easy access to one’s home and possessions, connivers demand unreasonable concessions.

In the dead of night, the secret agencies play deadly games of chess, with humanity used as pawns. All organisations are infiltrated by ‘so-called’ security agencies. Top-secret operational orders are leaked to the opposite camp before their plans can be executed. Everyone is set up against the other and double agents double cross each other.

Under such conditions it has not been possible to win against the games of guerrilla warfare, not even the ones played in leafy suburbia under the guise of petty crime.

In the end, everything comes out in the wash. The conniving of the evil-con-evils are exposed, and in the scheme of things, humanity are hopefully well warned to stay well clear of participating in the deceitful games of politics.

Linda Smith





The rebellions against oppressive authority that are gaining momentum in Africa and around the world, reminds me of the wisdom in the I-Ching (Book of Changes).

#43 refers to breakthroughs after a long and accumulated period of tension. It gives the analogies of a cloudburst or a swollen river breaking its banks.

On the human level it refers to a time when inferior people gradually begin to disappear. Such a breakthrough will result in the waning of the influence of inferior people.

The I-Ching states that if even one inferior man occupies a ruling position in a city, he is able to oppress superior men. Because obsessions obscure good reasoning, in order to succeed, the public need to relentlessly oppose and expose evil.

The I-Ching teaches that a compromise with evil is not possible and that in all circumstances evil is to be openly discredited. Greed and weakness are not to be glossed over.
Gathering is always followed by dispersion. Those who, without consideration for others, pile up riches for themselves will certainly experience a collapse.

The struggle should not be direct or forceful, not fought blow by blow. That would cause us to become embroiled in hatred and passion and result in loss.

The answers lie within. The triumphing over our own shortcomings causes the sharp edges of the weapons of evil to blunt. With a firm and friendly disposition, humanity is able to oppose evil and make energetic progress in the good.

Public rebellion stems from humanity’s deep-seated urge for transformation. The energy on Earth is changing and people will no longer tolerate any form of oppression or dictatorship, regardless of how surreptitiously it may be tucked away in democracy.

Linda Smith



People who do not have humanity’s interests at heart have infiltrated our councils and all departments of government. They remain perched precariously on their pedestals only because the majority of the population are kept in ignorance.

Around the world, governments suppress their citizens by providing them with inferior healthcare treatment, poor education, little life skills training and few employment opportunities.

In South Africa the somehow-got-so-wealthy-overnight governing elite are mere puppets obeying their masters commands. They perceive themselves as being able to maintain their positions by holding a heavy hand over the citizens who are being reduced to becoming slaves to an oppressive system.

Many, comfortably entrenched and enjoying the benefits that accompany BEE status admit to supporting this government simply because its system enriches them. There is consensus that thinking and informed people would not tolerate such unconscious situations.

The ‘powers that be’plan to do away with the middle class by taxing them into the ditch. Around the world, humanity is expected to support multi-levelled taxation systems that include levies, fines, fees, licenses and tolls.

Their days of glory are numbered. These systems are collapsing because the awakening population are ceasing to lend their co-operation. Conscious people do not participate in schemes that plan to lead to them to their demise.

Aware and conscious people refrain from participating in political rebellions. They have realised that those with conniving minds and covert agendas pose as liberators. The problem is that the same masters control these liberators.

True leaders do what is right, not what they are told.

Linda Smith



Governments robotically demand complete compliance. Fear is the tool they use to try to control us. They prefer us to think only what they want us to think. Systems of surveillance are set up to encourage us to conform. Fairness, justice and freedom have become empty and meaningless words.

Most people have believed the webs of illusion that ‘the system’ has spun before our eyes; they have accepted the lies whispered in our ears. Their minds have become imprisoned and they have been robbed of their reason and common sense.

Eventually the pain of the cracking whip awakens humanity to the fact that there is more to life than we have been led to believe.

Unless we break from our past habits and undergo a major transformation we are condemning ourselves to continuing to live with conflict and chaos.

Our first allegiance is to ourselves, not to a system that fails to use its power to serve its people. We need leaders who have consciences, not political stooges that allow themselves to be led by the nose.

We need a spiritual economics that is concerned with our well-being not only our material needs. We need an education that liberates rather than shackles, and new healthy practices that restore our wholeness.

By being true to ourselves we live without fear and usher in an era where humanity live in peace and harmony.

Linda Smith

This is just so true!!  Well done on an excellent article and the guts to have it published.



I have seen the future of South Africa, the Continent of Africa and the rest of the world.

All I can say is that any governments that wish to maintain their position need to undergo a major transformation. This is their last opportunity to diligently prepare themselves to serve the people and do what is right in the highest meaning of the word.

True democracy does not shackle the populace or parasite off them. We are not machines, robots or cattle, neither will we ever will be.

A new era is marching towards us; we need just step in line and go with the flow. There is no need for violence and rebellion. People need to remain calm and to think for themselves.

Individually and collectively we are good at heart and would appreciate the freedom to express ourselves at our best. None of us really wants to behave in ways that requires us to be prodded with the sharp end of the law, much of which seems to have been written with an evil hand.

Africa’s drums are beating of the dawning of a new tomorrow where we will all live in harmony and abundance.

Linda Smith


‘South Africa is a land where people forgive.’
Dr Credo Mutwa

South Africa has been fraught with a turbulent history. Following the dictates of the day, much needless suffering was inflicted on people.

Nelson Mandela underwent an enormous transformation, as did millions of South Africa’s citizens. Bishop Desmond Tutu initiated the Truth and Reconciliation Commission where people were given the opportunity to bare their souls.

Certain television programmes have encouraged people with painful histories and broken hearts, to forgive the misunderstandings that have marred their lives. Through these processes many hearts were healed.

When transformation takes place in our hearts of people that transformation ripples through the communities, and one by one, we, the people of this great country, link together to form unbreakable bonds. Never again will those who attempt to steer us in their chosen direction, dictate to us.

South Africa is the land of forgiveness and together we are moving forward to embrace the magnificent future that lies before us.

Linda Smith



Many people have been dancing, singing and shouting in the streets, celebrating the results of the ballad boxes. How long is it going to take before the winners realise that they are in fact the losers?

Many of these same celebrators have been disgruntled with their government’s empty promises, yet blinded by the ‘pie and T-shirt’ campaigning, again they have placed their X in the ballot box, again pinning their hopes on a system that has previously disappointed them.

Many people voted from the standpoint of ‘what is the government going to give me?’  Like Robin Hood and his merry men, governments can only give what they have taken from others.

Eventually disappointments burn a flaming anger within; the anger turns to resentment and then to rebellion.

What people really need are the opportunities and the self-determination to do for themselves, and then they will enjoy feelings of accomplishment rather those of than disappointment and regret.

Linda Smith



It is a travesty of justice that certain people, having failed to diligently prepare themselves, are placed in so-called ‘high positions’.

They make statements from a point of ignorance, trying to insult others by referring to them in terms that they consider as being menial jobs.

From my experience, many people working in what society may view as lesser employment are blessed with kindness, understanding and wisdom, qualities clearly missing in those who are arrogant.

From talking to people at grass roots level, I find that they are heartily sick and tired of the nastiness that has befallen this country. They have had enough of the lies and corruption. Their wish is to live in peace and to improve their lot in life.

I have to ask myself, who actually holds the higher positions – the good people in humble circumstances, or the arrogant who have little control over their tongues.

By disassociating ourselves with such people they soon topple from their precarious pedestals.

Linda Smith



Incompetence and corruption are no strangers to the many municipalities in South Africa that have been run into the ground.

Despite the fact that the Johannesburg municipality is in an appalling state of chaos, we are told that it is more difficult to run a small municipality than a large one.

Recently President Zuma stated that steps are being taken to ‘sort-of-dovetail’ municipalities that are not working with those that are working.

Step by step South Africa is covertly being led to a New World Order. One municipality for the entire country is a step in that direction.

Clamping down on our constitutional rights to freedom of speech is another.

Worldwide, unemployment, inflation and the overcharging of basic services are running people into the ditch. This ‘they’ consider to be ‘a kinder New World Order’ than manipulating us to kill each other in brutal wars.

As the sun breaks the darkness so a great awakening is taking place within the hearts and minds of humanity! Emerging from our hypnotic slumber Earthlings will not submit to such enslavement! We are more powerful, creative, brilliant and talented than we have ever been led to believe. By our very numbers, as an awakening population we are unconquerable.

Linda Smith

Well written piece of information, thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us. Gratitude in all you are doing to wake humanity up.



In Rwanda one million people were slaughtered in 100 days.

War is orchestrated murder. It is the ultimate degradation of humanity that plunges us into our worst nightmare.

We have been thrust into horrific wars we did not cause, but forever suffer the enormity of their devastating effects.

Earth people have become victims in the pursuit of gunrunning, mining and drug money, all manipulated by the bloodthirsty authorities.

When harm is on such a great scale as in war, mankind’s advancement is greatly hindered. We are not here to slaughter each other. Killing is one of the greatest misdeeds on Earth.

We are taught ‘Thou shalt not kill’, but if it is war and all wars are political, soldiers are instructed to do so. Politics turns injustice into justice. The words ‘sold’ and ‘die’ are contained in the word ‘soldier’, revealing it’s meaning; ‘sold to die’.

How many wars, how much slaughter will it take before humanity stand together against oppression and live in harmony! By everyone refusing to become involved in conflict we put an end to war.

Linda Smith



 And so they want to nationalise property in South Africa! It seems as though Uncle Bob has been putting ideas into people’s heads. Or maybe a more sinister force is at work here?

In Zimbabwe the meek did not inherit the Earth. The winners took it all. The meek had their shacks demolished.

Zimbabwe’s land reform programme benefited those with big fat salaries who work in government departments and those with the right connections. The rest remain destitute.

Rhodesian military staff of all races paid eight percent of their salaries into their pension fund only to have it withheld by the government. The winner takes it all, or put another way – governments steal from people. So much for loyalty!

In order to eke out an existence, these men now have to risk life and limb by going abroad to fight in wars that are not their concern.

Is the same fate awaiting the military personal in South Africa? Surely in a country of national unity the example of our nation moving forward together should be set by our government!

What a sad state of affairs it is when the general population have to teach their leaders that there are better ways forward. It would be a grand day indeed when we have leaders that we can look up to rather than those we look down on!

Linda Smith



The people that control governments, big corporations, legal systems and the big media companies, which monitor the information we receive, seem to think that they own us and that they own our lands.

With their sinister agendas they set systems in place to disguise the truth. In order to use us they sell us their lies. Fascinating as these lies may be, many of us are able to figure out what is going on.

Political systems have been put in place to convince us that we are free, that we have a say in the running of our countries.

We are not free. Everything is being systematically taken from us. We are being taxed, fined, licensed, and overcharged on essential supplies so that our hard earned pay packets end up back in their pockets.

Something is severely wrong with systems that make people vulnerable and insecure. People risk life and limb to defend political agendas, only to find themselves without any support, their pensions whipped out from under their noses. Governments create distrust and division amongst people. Their engineered chaos creates cheap soldiering to cull the population.

What we need to build each other up and move forward in a constitutional way. By standing up for what is right we can build a better nation.

Linda Smith



Since falling into the clutches of politics, Africa has been lashed by many storms. Playing their viperous games, politicians orchestrate brutal but profitable conflict.

Millions are slaughtered, hundreds of thousands of women and children are violated and the environment is systematically but profitably destroyed.

In Central Africa, Government Ministers, blind to the conflict of interests, use their inside information and their biased influence to ply their trade and line their pockets.

At the same time, the self-appointed and lawless guard the gateways to unsafe and illegal mineral mining operations. With little chance of escaping, the bribes paid to enter these pits of hell, keep its labourers imprisoned in muddy mountains of doom. For a mere pittance, these desperate hopefuls risk their lives grovelling in hazardous makeshift tunnels. Others, used as mules, stagger for days along jungle paths to deliver the wanton spoils, ripped from Mother Earth, to the gaping jaws of industries that stifle their conscience and turn a blind eye on their social responsibilities.

We need to give due consideration to the heavy price others pay for our conveniences. Only by demanding that everything be done properly and refusing to become involved in anything that is detrimental to humanity and Mother Earth do we usher in humanity’s highest possibilities.

Linda Smith



Wandering aimlessly along the corridors of the hallowed halls of so-called higher learning, some people dance mindlessly to tunes played on any puppeteer’s flute.

Having sold their soul to the system they simply repeat what has been repeated to them, not realising that to live even half a truth is to live a lie.

Without doing any personal investigation, they smirk at anything that is beyond the parameters of their small and closed minds. Yet, they think they stand for and uphold freedom of speech.

These are the people preparing our youth to enter the big wide world. It is little wonder that education leaves people dumb enough to be poorly paid robots that simply keep the wheels of industry turning for the benefit of the system.

Fortunately there the round pegs who refuse to be knocked into square holes. These are the rebels, the misfits, the geniuses that see things for what they are. Having no respect for the status quo, these troublemakers are the ones who change the world, the ones that encourage the human race to make a quantum shift in consciousness.

Linda Smith



We are encouraged to fight poverty, fight disease, fight corruption, fight, fight, fight. Certain dates are set aside annually to celebrate the diseases that we are encouraged to fight.

Revolution serves only to retard humanity’s progress. What we resist persists. When we fight for causes, we revolt against external effects, all the while righteously nourishing and preserving their cause in our hearts.

While people may be anxious to have their circumstances improved, many are resistant to improving themselves. This is a form of self-crucifixion that can never achieve its desired objectives. Our thoughts and actions need to be in harmony with our desired end results.

Only by working diligently on improving ourselves and by being self-responsible is there any possibility of improvement in our outer circumstances.

Linda Smith


South Africa, a backward society! 

It is a shame that in a country as magnificent as ours, millions of innocent children are molested.

Abused children are prone to become abusers, the revolving wheel crushing every generation. Leaders are rotten with corruption, their garments bursting at the seams, while babies and children starve.

Despite the laws set in place to protect children, they remain unprotected. Is there any point of having a progressive constitution in a backward society!

We brag to the world, showing-off with our fancy and now useless stadiums, all the while hiding a cesspit of abuse and molestation.

Shame on you South Africa, shame on you again and again!

Linda Smith



Despite their claims kingdoms, governments and corporations with all their grandiose self-sustaining systems are not set in place by divine right, nor do Earth’s treasures belong to them.

When these systems bankrupt their own wealth they plunder the pockets of the population. They minimise humanity’s possibilities of survival and deplete us of our livelihood.

It seems to be presumed that loyalty to a government means paying over a share of our earnings to that government. In the name of providing services they strip us of our wealth. Good money that gets devoured in keeping systems going does humanity little good. They are bleeding us dry, robbing the hood.

These systems have need of people, but they are actually people’s enemies. They only survive because of our co-operation. Without our loyalty these systems could not survive.

As long as such systems remain detrimental to humanity’s livelihood we would be wise to withdraw our co-operation. When the systems bend their knees to the people and listen to what we have to say, they may well encourage our loyalty.

Linda Smith


‘In times of tyranny and injustice, when law oppresses the people, the outlaw takes his place in history.’
Robin Hood – 2010

In tyranny lies failure. Around the world, laws have enslaved humanity to systems that demand loyalty, yet they offer little in return.

In many instances these systems with their self-serving laws prohibit people from fending for themselves, yet they are blamed for the crime of theft. This only encourages people to live outside of the law and express themselves at their worst. Many who have stood up to these systems have been dealt heavy blows.

Only systems where people are empowered actually gain great strength. We are now on the threshold of an era where systems, if they are to survive, need to ensure that justice, in the form of liberty, is available to every reasonable person. People should only be subject to laws that are reasonable and that enable everyone to live by their own efforts, to become the best people they can be, everyone flourishing in their particular field of expertise.

Successful societies are built from the ground up. In structuring our future we need to set our foundations strong. We all need to work together. Every job is a necessary piece of the puzzle. No job holds priority over another; therefore everyone should be able to claim similar rights.

Linda Smith



Install an incompetent government that, in its eagerness to maintain its self-serving platform, rules its populace with a lenient rod.

In due course, due to lack of maintenance everything that was once so majestically built-up, soon disintegrates, is run into the ground or mysteriously vanishes at night.

Services for which we now pay so dearly are provided for so poorly that they no longer have the right to bear the title ‘service’.

When governments and municipalities are managed correctly, communities’ benefit and existing structures do not end in wrack and ruin.

The authorities are bleeding our country to death and they aren’t even ashamed of themselves.

Linda Smith



On misty and lonely hills
the remnants of once abundant crop production
pitiful in their neglect
now entwined with weeds,
serve as a reminder of political irresponsibility.

Uncompensated farm seizures,
business takeovers,
corrupt governance,
lavish self-indulgence
stupid in its brutality and arrogance,
mindless rampant youth
bring ignorant nations to their starving knees.

When are we, the citizens of Africa,
magnificent continent of abundant sunshine,
with great strength of manpower
going to realise that together
we are able to keep the wheels of industry turning,
to feed ourselves with plenty to share and spare?
Linda Smith



Since 1994 when the New South Africa became democratically ‘free and fair’, it has become the country with the greatest disparity of incomes in the world.

Despite promises to the contrary, fewer jobs are available; hence our beautiful country has become a breeding ground for crime.

Governments are there to serve the people, but the tables have been turned and they now parasite off the people.

Greed and ignorance are the cause of humanity’s suffering. The official fat cats gorge while their people grow thin, their hunger pains being the dawning of the truth; that politics is robbing them of any sense of freedom they may have had.

Little wonder that the energy of revolution is expanding to bursting point.

Linda Smith



Governments don’t fight fair. While pretending that the will of the people is sacred, and while implying that good citizens have given them mandates, governments around the world commit atrocities against their people, brazenly imposing their own agendas.

They pass draconian laws that do humanity no good, yet we are expected to abide by these rules. Many authorities have no respect for the rule of law that seems to apply only to good civilians. As we have seen, many of the lawmakers have become the lawbreakers.

Policies beneficial to finance and big business but detrimental to humanity are legislated. Those with devious intentions, with no thought of morals and ethics, justify their actions as being above board because they connive their way through legal loopholes.

Secrecy bills and meetings held in-camera are not for the good of Joe-public. There should be no need for us to have to pry information about questionable activities out of the authorities with a crowbar, all at taxpayer’s expense. Governments that have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

Fortunately there is a great awakening taking place around the globe. Everywhere people are taking a stand for that which is morally correct.

Linda Smith



If it really was our vote that brought the government into power then it should be working in our favour, not against us.

As the government demands that we hand over a portion of our hard-earned money, we demand that it be used wisely and well, providing us with necessary services. By failing to do so, the government is making itself redundant.

Considering all the financial mismanagement and fraud that has diminished our contributions, these funds need to be returned to their rightful owners. Hence, we should all be expecting a rather handsome refund!!!

Linda Smith



While there are no organisations or institutes that are able to improve the lot of the people, everyone would be better off if they were not being disadvantaged by the aggressive and desperately grabbing mentality that currently dominates Africa.

Like an iron heel, the blatant disregard for human rights, is stamping down hard on the innocent, yet the guilty continue to prance around like peacocks, their tail feathers proudly fanned out. While speaking out is our only tool, the civil liberty that promises freedom for all, with a vice-like grip, is attempting to clamp down on our words.

There is something terribly wrong when we do not have the freedom to object. We have come to live in a sick society where the unrighteous suppress truths, and for those who stand up for what is right, justice is merciless.

People give their power away when they place their trust in leaders to fulfil the promises they so glibly make.

When humanity takes their power back, we will have no need of governments or any systems that try to control the course of our destiny.

Linda Smith



 In Africa, political puppets manipulated by their masters, orchestrate heinous deeds against their own people, yet they are lauded as liberators.

Patrice Lumumba, a post office worker, caught defrauding Post Offices in the Belgium Congo of large sums of money was specifically selected for his conniving abilities. The ‘international-powers-that-be’ primed him for the position as Prime Minister of a ‘liberated’ Congo. Lumumba’s hands were soon dripping with the blood of thousands of innocent people. He fell from favour, was murdered, and the local tribesmen were blamed. In the process the Congo was and still is being systematically destroyed.

Kenneth Kaunda was democratically voted in as Zambia’s first Prime Minister, yet he followed the one-party path of Socialism. Kaunda brought this wealthy country’s economy to its knees by nationalising the copper mines and other enterprises.From his base in Mozambique, Mugabe vowed that the Rhodesian Bush War would continue until he was in power. After ‘democratic’ elections and some fancy political footwork Mugabe came to the fore, his Marxist flag flying triumphantly in the winds of change. Zimbabwe is in wrack and ruin, a mere skeleton of its former self.

Now South Africa, the industrial giant of Africa is fast skidding down the hill. Many of its jobs traded for foreign imports.

African countries are built up and then destroyed by politics. And to what agenda? Are politicians liberators or destroyers? Are we unknowingly being used as puppets to vote in our worst nightmare? Would we be getting what politicians promise, or would the opposite materialise? Would it make any difference if all the voters failed to turn-up at the polling stations? What are the international monitors actually monitoring? One wonders whose hand actually counts the votes!

Linda Smith



Vote for a party that offers you the illusion of freedom and you’ll soon discover that governments do not fulfil their promises; neither do they have any intention of doing so.

 We expect to receive what they promised to us. It is after all, our hard-earned money that pays for everything, including their salaries and all their perks.

Around the world, governments lie and do things that are illegal. They deem themselves to be so powerful that no one can stop them.

Lacking foresight, governments have underestimated the power of the people. While a few may currently govern the world, these few would do well to remember exactly that. They are few and we are many. We have the power to stand in their way.

Linda Smith



 History has revealed that in Africa, to politicians, politics has represented material advantage. Money-hungry politicians have spouted the ideologies expecting the population to endure a meagre existence while they themselves reside in ivory towers.

     Speeches about working hard to build a nation have no appeal to those who struggle to eke out a meagre existence. Lectures about national prestige are wasted on those only interested in a pay rise or free beer.

       Political promises under the guise of democracy, socialism, communism, Marxism and even trade unionism have back-fired and have disadvantaged most of the population.

     Fortunately, the population have now begun to see through the smokescreen of contradictions and lies.

     The pity is that politics was ever introduced into the Mother continent. The West’s version of ‘freedom’ and the East’s policies of ideological dictatorships have only served to set Africa’s people against each other.

     The East and the West, interfering in Africa’s affairs, have brought her to her knees. Over decades, the blood of millions has been spilled and the financial benefit to both sides of the compass has been enormous.

     We live in one world; we are one people with no need of political governance. By freeing ourselves of the shackles of politics, we, the residents of this magnificent blue planet, will once again live in harmony. It all starts with us. When we conduct ourselves ethically and morally, our inferiors will no longer govern us.


‘The leaders will now enjoy the Champagne, and of course, they do so on your behalf through their lips’. Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe

South Africa is unquestionably being run according to the story line as laid out in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. It is a brazen fact that some people are more equal than others.

Since 1994, despite promises to the contrary, life has become more difficult for everyone. Those who put their shoulder to the cart do so for less reward.

In Animal Farm the leaders ruled with an iron fist and everyone simply accepted the status quo. The animals were deluded that they were living in a privileged place. Despite the obvious differences, they believed that they are equal and that their labours were for their own benefit and that they were not supporting some hierarchical system.

However, those that spread propaganda were privileged with a lazy life and awarded with luxuries, the very things that were preached against. The leaders proudly stated that the people laboured more hours for less food than elsewhere – a policy soon followed by other slavers.

Slowly but surely the leaders turned themselves into everything they encouraged everyone to despise. They capitalised on the fact that people prefer to accept fairy stories rather than face the naked truth, choosing to rather live with futile hope that their circumstances would improve.

On successfully having deceived the people the leaders took on the habits of the previously perceived enemy and celebrated their cunning achievements.

Of course, it did not take long before members of the new regime were at each other’s throats and it became difficult to tell the one from the other. The moral of the story is that at the end of the day, regardless of which side of the fence you sit, pigs rule.

Linda Smith



When one views how hard the authoritarian hand is beating down on the general population in Africa and the rest of the world, one begins to realise that brutality on civilians is a common theme, a means to inflict dictatorial rule, a lesser war on humanity.

When authorities give conflicting instructions to those under their command, minds become split and confusion reigns.

Looking beyond the situations that arise one sees the root cause of the problems. Authorities of lesser standing, namely unions, have been imposed on workers. At the personal cost of workers and under the guise of helping them, unions, wielding their political whip, set scenes that encourage workers to feel dissatisfied. Inevitably this results in protest action.

 The solution to any problem is to remove its cause. While organisations would do well to offer conditions that are acceptable to those genuinely seeking to earn their living, workers may well find that by thinking and speaking for themselves, situations can be resolved. This would obviate the need for the middlemen and prevent them making the ultimate and unnecessary sacrifice for an unworthy cause.

Linda Smith


Well said, Linda. Let’s hope some day, some one, some where will heed your excellent advice!

You are right! Thank you.

Very nice article.

Enjoyed this one much, thank you.

How true!


‘The revelation of thought takes men out of servitude into freedom.’
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The freer a country claims to be, the more rules and regulations it legislates. These only serve to whet the appetite of the creatively devious.

If our actions require the restraining force of established authority, then we do not understand the meaning of the word freedom.

Freedom has nothing to do with having the right to vote for your oppressor; freedom is not having any form of oppression. Freedom is a state of self-responsibility and self-liberation. This is only achieved when we cease oppressing self and others with deviousness in thought, word and action.

Freedom is the ultimate state of our being and is attained when our actions are in accordance with our highest ideals and aspirations. When we reach such a stage of advancement we no longer require any form of governance.

Linda Smith


Politics is a sugar-coated cyanide tablet that promises everything and gives nothing.

Political leaders are blind and deaf to the vows that qualify them to hold such positions. There is a glaring disregard for their countries constitution and legal system. Politicians say one thing and do another; not realising that the population at large eventually wakes up to those with forked-tongues and lie-telling that goes beyond the bounds of poetic licence.

Some politicians humiliate themselves and denigrate their own character every time they open their mouths. This can lead only to their demise. No warriors need conquer them for they so eagerly crush themselves.

Humans are used as mere fodder in the political arena to achieve sinister objectives. The population are told they are free and perhaps they are inclined to believe it, until the pain of the cracking whip awakens them to the truth. If apartheid was perceived to be the ‘frying pan’, many are now in the fire.

Many people have become dissatisfied and discontent. They have realised that they can’t eat freedom; they need the jobs they were promised. Economic growth rarely makes its way down to the poor. Only a small sector of the population gains benefit, while the vast majority find themselves in increasingly desperate circumstances.

When people give their power to the ballot box, they lose their freedom. When they give their voice to politicians, they lose their choice.

Sadly all this came about in the deceptive, cunning and manipulative name of politics, a sugar-coated cyanide tablet that promises everything and gives nothing.

When humanity conducts itself in a specific manner there will no longer be any need for authorities to monitor, police or jail people. Crime is the excuse being used to usher in humanity’s worst nightmare – the incarceration of our minds.

Linda Smith

Hats off to Linda Smith. Sometimes one needs to piont out the obvious to make a difference. You should have made front page for freedom of speech.
FM Randeree


‘Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die.’
Lord Alfred Tennyson

Politics stirs up hatred. It has been used for selfish motives and has disadvantaged many of the people of Africa, and personal gratification has been attained by the oppression of others. Bad governance and violence is the major cause for people to seek greener pastures in far off lands.

In many self-governing African countries, black refugees seeking survival have fled in their masses from the ‘freedom’ they supposedly attained. They have risked their lives crossing seas to escape the ‘liberation’ they demanded. In the name of ‘freedom’ African countries have been brought to their knees. Africa is in crisis, a life and death struggle for survival.

Politicians have been indoctrinated to promoting the plans of idealism without realising the consequences. They avoid entering the courtroom of their own conscience, and coerce communities to follow paths that lead to their demise. In Africa, those who have orchestrated heinous deeds against their own people are lauded as heroes.

In these ‘democratic’ countries perfectly good and decent streets in plush suburbs have been renamed after terrorists, murderers (praising the warriors) and those who have followed the path of communism. Rather than adding to our history they try to obliterate it. This encourages communities to hold their government in contempt.

African countries have connived their way, via ‘free and fair’elections, threat and intimidation, to become one-party dictatorships with little freedom or justice. When people have their choice taken away from them, they behave like zombies. In the name of ‘freedom’ bestial and barbaric killings have been perpetrated, and good people, who have had the courage to speak out, have been brutalised and murdered.

Thus the lashing whip, falling on the backs of the innocent and righteous, has tried to silence Africa’s pleas for fairness and justice. The unthinking majority have been hypnotised by ruthless men. ‘Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die.’

Linda Smith


Mental incarceration is of no benefit to humanity.

There are many systems in place that coax humanity into giving their power away and not thinking for themselves.

When people join movements such as political parties, religions or philosophical organisations, they surrender their intellectual capacity and succumb to the hypnotic sway of indoctrination.

The shutters come down and they interpret everything they see, hear and read to be in line with the narrow confines of their brainwashing.

Every group promotes its own agenda. While they may appear to be assisting humanity, it is soon apparent that the population at large are used to further the aims of these organisations.

Politicians are mere puppets in a game of deceit that they do not themselves understand. In their quest for power the population are mere voting fodder. As brainwashed puppets, their function is to heed the command of their pitiless masters.

Religionists do not understand religion. External worship destroys one’s spirituality. By being coaxed into surrendering our power we fail to experience our own divinity.By joining philosophical groups people limit their vast potential for personal development. These organisations alienate their followers from family and friends. Once trapped, they are robbed of their self-esteem.

Conscious citizens have no need to be ruled by governments. People who realise their own divinity have no need of religions. Those who are connected to their own innate intelligence have no need to fill their mind with artificial knowledge.

Linda Smith


Africa’s spirit pleads for magnanimous leaders dedicated to equality and prosperity for all her people.

Africa is a magnificent continent of abundant sunshine where life has little value and nothing is cherished. It knows no mercy or gentleness and still resists Western civilisation. Deprived of wisdom and understanding, Africa is choking on its own ignorance and is laden with the stupidity of unimaginable greed and corruption; a state of unconsciousness that offers little progress or enlightenment. All the assistance rendered has not always achieved the hoped for results.

Decisions made by top government officials are not always from national loyalty or the desire to do the right thing, but for the attainment of personal riches. Social welfare, the environment, and quality of life, take a back seat to corruption and greed. Destructive choices and brutality retards human advancement and cruelty stunts emotional development. Harsh realities offer little opportunity to experience gentler, kinder levels.

People’s actions ruin their own and other’s lives. While evolution brings progress, reactive revolution halts humanity’s advancement. When reasoning faculties are awoken and developed, reactivity no longer plays havoc in society. There are other levels, which when reached, move people from existing to really living. Living in kinder environments, people learn better ways of dealing with challenges.

When Africa develops a mature level of problem solving, it will suffer less at its own hand. Africa’s spirit pleads for magnanimous leaders dedicated to equality and prosperity for all her people.

‘And I saw Freedom walking alone, knocking at doors, asking for shelter, but no one heeded her pleas. Then I saw Prodigality striding in splendour, and the multitude acclaiming her as Liberty.’
Voice of the Master. Kahlil Gibran

Linda Smith



South Africa’s government of unity has divided the country; from its original four provinces we now have nine. It claims to have the most enlightened constitution in the world, much of which is not adhered to and many of those who assisted in its drafting have been caught violating it.

This government is slow to deliver on the campaign promises for which it criticised the previous government. Due to lack of forward planning and maintenance at governmental and municipal levels, this once well-developed country is fast sliding into third-world disarray. Corruption, nepotism and party favouritism are leading to the breakdown of this country’s infrastructure. Some administrative systems are virtually collapsing.

South Africa is being compromised at the expense of glorifying the current governing political party. It seems that only those who ‘run with the wolves and hunt with the hounds‘ are awarded anything, including recognition.

Governments that are not corrupt, but attend to the proper maintenance of their country and see to the general needs of all their citizens equally and fairly would have no need to canvass for votes. Actions speak louder than words. Countries governed in this manner would have no need of a strong opposition, for everyone would be working in unity.

Our leaders are to be selected from those who are a tower of strength and unwavering in their principles. If leaders of integrity cannot be sourced from the politicians, then they are to be selected from amongst the citizens. Despite being referred to on the newscasts as ‘ordinary people’, we have a wealth of talented and qualified professionals to draw from, not just the mere politicians.

Those who are ethical are those for whom life is sacred. Leaders such as these are a very high order of being, to be heralded as real icons.

Linda Smith


‘Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad’.
Lord Acton

Political appointments in Africa are viewed as the ultimate status symbol. With great wealth and fantastic power, and having no need for personal restraint and self-discipline, a culture of nepotism has been endemic. Perceived political power, like a sickness, influences self-serving decisions.

Politics embracing tribalism in Africa is a means of favouring one group of people over another, their strategy camouflaged by deceptive words. Despite fancy talk and wonderful promises, politicians and their ‘yes-men’ do the opposite of what they say, which is what they planned to do all along.

People in power are corruptible and ‘the system’ gives little support to those with higher visions of integrity. People who are consumed by greed turn on one another and like white ants eating at their brain, corruption like a cancer eats away mercilessly at them.

In South Africa we hear the same speeches we heard in Central and Southern Africa. The ideas that failed in places like Zambia and Zimbabwe have been popping up here as well.

 As happened in the Congo, Zambia and Zimbabwe, it appears that this government’s ‘Robin Hood’ tactics of ‘robbing the rich’, but keeping for themselves is quick-marching this country towards ‘democratic’ communism or socialism. Nationalisation leads to governments owning everything and the citizens owning nothing. Like slaves to the system, all their effort disappears into a bottomless pit.

I sometimes wonder if a ‘one-world-government’ is not already in place, but the public have as yet not been advised.

This country’s misinformed youth are once again being compromised by being brainwashed to Toyi Toyi* for an agenda to usher in a force that will awaken them to their worst nightmare. If this is not stopped, this beautiful country will fall into a heap like the rest of Africa has done.

* Dancing and singing while gesticulating the actions of their intent.

Linda Smith

  • _____________________________________


 World governments orchestrate situations that cause their citizens to perceive themselves as being separate. They then rise up against one another in community disputes, tribal warfare or civil unrest.

The apartheid system set up by the colonial governments in Africa is one such example. The previous white government in South Africa is blamed for having suppressed the African people and those of colour. As Gandhi stated, ‘100 000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 million Indians if those Indians refuse to cooperate’.

In South Africa the Indian and Muslim communities generally thrived and prospered regardless of restrictions.

Although the South African government claims to be representative of all groups in this rainbow nation, their actions belie their statements. As happens in the rest of Africa many whites are being savagely slaughtered.

In Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and the Congo, the black governments not only suppressed the white people, they stole their property and drove them from the land. These governments also suppress, steal from, and murder-en-mass any group of people, blacks in particular, who do not support their particular brand of dictatorship, which they present as democracy.

When we step away from the games that governments play, we reclaim our voice and our power. Good, honest and just citizens have no need for puerile rules, or the cracking whip that accompanies them.

When we realise that we create our own experiences, we become conscious creators. By doing what we know to be right, we unite and triumph over oppression and transform the world into the Paradise it was always meant to be.

‘The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.’
Albert Einstein

Linda Smith


Africa is losing its roots, its culture is eroding.

 Since urbanisation in Africa, comparison has crept in; rich/poor, plentiful/deprived; and the people who traditionally lived without money, nor any need for it, were enticed into incorporating it into their lives. With exposure to materialism the African culture has eroded and they are losing their dependency on, and connection to the land. This artificial situation has caused them to lose their natural faith.

When their culture begins to disintegrate, people lose a very important part of themselves. They then live in fear and want, which results in feelings of desperation. The more desperate they feel, the more despairing their situation becomes.

Those living a natural basic life, as many millions of people in Africa do, aren’t necessarily poor. These people are perhaps the most blessed and happy, yet the world pities them and tries to remove their happiness by enticing them to Western ways of life.

Money is a Western perception that was forced upon the people of Africa. When people think that the most important thing is that they have lots of money, the very thing that in Africa could be difficult for many to attain, attention shifts to living for money and some seize it at any cost. When money is epitomised as a ‘god’, faith is broken and is replaced with the love of money, which can be viewed as the root of all evil.

These transferred tribal ways are causing Africa to lose its roots. Western civilisation has become so superficial that possessions and arrogance have greater significance than human decency. The self-destructive and aggressive way that people live is now imploding on itself. These aggressive attitudes have ushered in a sick society that has become corrupt and dangerous.

By returning to natural and kindly ways of living, Africa will once again work in harmony with Nature and reclaim its culture. When the people of Africa begin to awaken they’ll remember how connected they once were to cosmic consciousness. This could lead to the beginning of a new civilisation on the Mother Continent and instil ‘the awakening’in the rest of the world.

Linda Smith



Africa is now a ‘free’ continent where its citizens can vote in the political party of their choice, but many still resist their liberation. Some of South Africa’s citizens are still chanting the motto phambili neChimurenga! The struggle continues -forward with the revolution. After Zimbabwe gained its independence, having attained liberation from a system that had offered them a much greater degree of peace, security and employment, they still chant pamberi neChimurenga.

A better life is not achieved because of ‘the great and acclaimed struggle’. Struggle is the result of lack of awareness of one’s own feelings and of being seriously misinformed. Suppression of information is a form of mind control. Untruths also affect our perceptions and behaviour. This is compounded by people’s inability to understand the cause of their confusion, or to realise that there are better ways of living and being.

By focusing on struggle, struggling continues. It limits life and its bounty. There is nothing honourable about struggling. Struggling is as senseless as trying to push water up the hill or hitting oneself on the head with a brick. Life was never meant to be a struggle for any of us. It is an old and redundant virus that we need to remove from our mind.

There is little personal benefit in protesting for the cause of others. By making positive efforts rather than expanding negative energy everyone would suffer less.

We need to understand that there is a difference between struggle and effort. Effort is natural. Struggle is hard work. It is heavy energy that is propped up by negative emotions. Negative emotions are unnatural; they only hold us back.

Life improves when we release our perceived burdens, think for ourselves and become self-responsible. South Africa needs all its citizens to become people of integrity and high moral standing. By presenting ourselves at our best we attain the best for ourselves and for this magnificent country.

We each need to focus on developing our own personal potential and then assist each other. When we help others, we discover that we help ourselves.

Linda Smith



‘People who consider themselves victims of their circumstances will always remain victims unless they develop a greater vision for their lives.
Stedman Graham

The reverse side of the apartheid coin is alive and well and living in South Africa. Still playing the role of victim, many people with their attitudes of entitlement, cling to the concept of apartheid. Old ways do not disappear when they are clung to tenaciously.

When those who consider themselves to have been disadvantaged lose that label and change their attitudes, they encourage situations that will lead them to a brighter future. Labels, like handcuffs hold people prisoner, their escape being in correcting their perceptions.

Many cry for work, but by their lethargy and appalling attitudes prove themselves to be unemployable. Those who have no respect for the human rights of others are quick to demand their own rights.

Rather than demand our rights, we could do well to make sure that we live responsibly and contribute positively towards society. Moral education would be a solution. People in possession of values enjoy a life a value.

In South Africa we have a wonderful profusion of cultures and a great diversity of talents. By realising how important our individual contributions are and by expecting more from self, we would work together in harmony and accelerate South Africa’s advancement. Like a mirror the world reflects back to us the goodness we offer it, and like an echo, it rewards us many times over.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.’
Bob Marley

Linda Smith



‘“Are you a politician who says to himself: ‘I will use my country for my own benefit’? If so, you are naught but a parasite living on the flesh of others. Or are you a devoted patriot, who whispers into the ear of his inner self: ‘I love to serve my country as a faithful servant.’
If so, you are an oasis in the desert, ready to quench the thirst of the wayfarer.”’
The Voice of the Master. Kahlil Gibran

It is staggering that countries of millions of people struggle to find sufficient honest souls to run their governments.

Any organisations that operate only for the purposes of self-greed vibrate with negative energy. These dense vibrations are almost impenetrable. Even official buildings become contaminated because of the dark energy of corruption.

History reveals that all political careers are doomed to failure and that countries manipulated by politics deteriorate. People with dark hearts bully others in an attempt to force them to conform. The system crushes even well meaning politicians who have the potential to make substantial changes.

Only by being a tower of strength and unwavering in our principles do we manage to rise above the lower vibrations that have infiltrated the world.

Those with higher aspirations know that solutions do not lie in politics and they relinquish any need for governance. Good people do not cause hatred amongst nations, nor do they orchestrate situations that compromise their citizen’s well-being.

The time has come for the world to be guided by a gentle hand. By humanity decreeing it, so will it be.

Linda Smith

FANTASTIC Article-!!!How true this is. I believe the changes that are needed are already on the move this year of 2012.

I admire much of what you say enormously.  What you say is very true, although I fear I shall be compost before the benefits you hope for, and no doubt work for, come true here in Africa.

Thanks for the excellent article!


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