‘Meditation is one of the greatest arts in life.’

J Krishnamurti

Meditation is the art of quieting the mind, of entering the silence, of listening to the Divine within. It takes us into the unknown and gives us a sense of spaciousness and cleanses our senses, and helps us to be sensitive, alert and aware. Regular meditation opens avenues of intuitional knowledge and calms and steadies our mind.

Meditation nourishes the body, mind and spirit. It brings harmony and enables us feel lighter and more at peace. The practise of meditation increases vitality, boosts the immune system, improves health, enhances beauty and encourages youthfulness and longevity. Meditation strengthens intelligence, brings clarity of mind, activates creativity and brings wisdom.

In meditation we discover who and what we are; it offers us opportunities to examine every aspect of our inner life. Meditation is a spiritual discipline that gives us command over our thoughts and emotions; through it we acquire the patience and fortitude to face any challenges in life. Meditation means to live with dedicated attention and clarity in each moment; it reveals to us our inner treasures.

The Buddha taught that meditation is an important factor in overcoming our karma. He explained that every time we meditate our karma decreases, and that when our energy is focused in the brain our old brain cells burn up.

Deep and profound love is the basis of meditation. To meditate we need only to love, to be still within, to be patient and to observe, and the mystery school within the temple of our being will teach us all we need to know.

Meditation is the art of being in the moment, it brings us in contact with the Source of our being. Our Soul loves to meditate, for to be in contact with spirit, is for the Soul, a great joy. It has been said that when we meditate the silence of our senses illumines the Presence of God within.

Linda Smith