‘…the one inexorable dimension of progress is from the crude towards the subtle.’

Yehudi Menuhin

There is an art to embracing the experiences and gifts the Universe has to offer. To live in appreciation of one’s blessings is an exquisite refinement which brings fulfilment to one’s Soul.

There is an art to being happy, to smiling and being kind, empathic and understanding.

There is a graciousness about being patient and forgiving, to living simply and peacefully.

There is an art to being aware and to being mindful, to living authentically, to being unique and to developing and refining ourselves that we may perfect all aspects of our life.

It is a skill to be reasonable in our behaviour and to express ourselves intelligently.

It is an art to pursue a vision of excellence; it is a discipline to pay attention to detail; a skill to be discerning, to be able to look deeply into situations, to observe the synchronicities of life and to comprehend the connectivity of all things.

There is an art to being attuned to higher frequencies, to receiving inklings and to allowing things to flow that we may be able to receive and give, to care and share.

Sensitivity is required to appreciate the fragrance in the air we breathe, to see the beauty within ourselves, in others and in the world around us.

There is an art to being a good and loving person, to loving ourselves and others, to living a loving life and to creating a loving environment. It is a great blessing to be able to create perfection and establish order, to do what is in the highest interests of all Mankind and to live as a Divine Human.

There is an art to surrendering and allowing life to follow its course so we may live as has been Divinely ordered.

Linda Smith